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17 June, 2022

What’s Bit Back to the top?— Women’s Crocs, Clogs & Comfy Shoes!

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Owing to their perfect unique style, women’s crocs, clogs, and shoes that offer nuanced movements are biting back to the top again. But how did they become massively popular in the first place? 

The history of clogs dates back to the 1300s and they have been worn for over 700 years in Holland/Netherland. Primarily, they were made with wood to support people who couldn’t afford to wear shoes made from expensive materials. Hence, all the farmers and laborers in the Netherlands got acquainted with this form of shoes. Over the centuries, these clogs became the high fashion items that are now being worn by everyone. People want them when they are stepping out on the streets; they want them when they are traveling. We can’t think of any reason why anyone would not wear these low-maintenance shoes that allow you absolute comfort and leisure at all times. 

In recent times, croc clogs and comfy sandals have been blowing up on our feeds on different social media platforms, which is a testament to the rise of clog shoes.

Celebrities who Love Wearing Crocs and Clogs!

How many times have we seen the A-listers wearing these versatile shoes? From Justin Bieber to John Cena and Kristen Stewart to Priyanka Chopra, crocs and clogs have been donned by everyone. Here’s a list of some of the celebrities that were spotted wearing these therapeutic and pain-relieving shoes:

Colleen Ballinger

Courtesy: Teen Vogue

Yes, Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans have split but can we just admire how effortlessly she has pulled off the croc-style clogs here in this picture?

Priyanka Chopra

Courtesy: Vogue

Who knew crocs and clogs could be paired with your LBD! Priyanka Chopra surprised us in a photo shoot where she was seen wearing a gorgeous black dress paired with black and elegant clogs. We can take a page out of her book and pull off something edgy too!

Kristen Stewart

Courtesy: Vogue

Whether you call these shoes Birkenstocks or clogs, one thing is for certain, Kristen Stewart surely knows how to amp up her street style look, and when she’s in the groove, it’s quite a sight to watch.

Crocs, Clogs, and Comfy Shoes that Women Love!

Our stylists have rounded up a list of this year’s top clogs that will prove to be a sure-fire hit this year. Let’s take a look at them:

Balenciaga’s x Crocs Rubber Clogs

Let’s add some chunk and glory to your crocs to create a perfect look for the summer! What we adore about these rubber clogs is the fact that cuteness and style have been merged together with the use of pink color and the croc effect. 

Gucci GG Rubber Clogs

Everything looks good that comes from the house Gucci and there’s no denying that. Thinking of the clog shoe trend, we couldn’t think of any other item other than these Gucci clogs that are made from the finest rubber with a signature GG style. It’s a major score for all the Gucci lovers out there!

Chloe Joy Suede Clogs

If comfort is your ultimate goal, look no further than these suede clog shoes that are absolutely adored by women all around the world. Why? These clogs from Chloe have the softest footbed that offers all-day comfort and style! Tempted?

Givenchy Marsmellow Rubber Clogs

Wondering why these rubber clogs are named marshmellow by Givenchy? Duh! these shoes come with the softest cushion to take care of your foot health. You can wear these shoes anywhere you want; be it your neighbor’s house or a walk in the park. 

Isabel Marant Thalie Leather Clogs

What’s one thought that comes into your mind when you take a look at this beauty from Isabel Marant? We can almost hear these clogs whispering to slip into them and have your foot pampered. Sounds tempting, right?

Roger Vivier Viv’ Clog Patent Leather Ankle Boots

Clogs don’t necessarily come as lounge-wear items, these Viv boots are proof that you can wear clogs anywhere without feeling less of a fashionista! Wear these boots with your pair of denim pants for an ideal street-style look!

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