Image Credit: HSS 04 August, 2021

The one summer trend that has both A list celebs and royalty hooked

Puff sleeved dresses are taking over our fashion news feed and we love them. These characteristic sleeves add a feminine and fun dimension to any dress and has to one of the easiest summer trends for 2021 that anyone can follow.

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Image Credit: HSS 26 July, 2021

Why We’re Loving The New Valentino Shoe Collection

Who can forget the frenzy that Valentino Garavani’s Rockstud pumps caused? Everyone wanted them. Pretty soon everyone got them & they were such a big deal. There were re-creations, inspirations and even replications of that popular design because it was THAT good. The design house really knows it’s way around a woman’s heart. Last year,….

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Image Credit: HSS 23 July, 2021

The Fendi First Bag is Becoming the Hottest Accessory For This Season

How can you debut with designing a collection that was previously spearheaded by a legend? When Kim Jones was preparing to design the Fendi F/W ‘21 collection, the thought that he had big shoes to fill might’ve sounded like an understatement. Why? Because that task was previously fulfilled by none other than Karl Lagerfeld himself…..

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Image Credit: HSS 19 July, 2021

The Comeback of Crochet

Okay, so how did the fashion world go from loving neutrals and smooth textures to fangirling over bright crochet pieces? Well, the answer lies in the huge timeout we got from our lives last year. Staying at home allowed everyone to explore new hobbies that didn’t involve monthly memberships and yoga mats. We started cooking….

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Image Credit: HSS 16 July, 2021

Platform Sandals: Yay or Nay?

Easy, breezy sometimes lazy is the theme song for our summer choices. We love loose and flowy dresses just as much as our comfortable summer sandals. We’ve shared quite a few pieces with you at the beginning of summer. From Fendi to Gucci, all our favourites have comfortable slip-ons. If you plan to travel or….

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Image Credit: HSS 14 July, 2021

How to Store Your Luxury Bags – A Guide

Have you ever bought a luxury bag? If you’re reading this, chances are you have atleast one. So, you’re familiar with the whole decision making and buying process. From having your heart set on that one piece to choosing between a few hot pieces, shopping for a luxury bag is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking!….

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Image Credit: HSS 12 July, 2021

This Luxury Bag Trend Is Not Slowing Down! A Summer 2021 Must-Have

Think summer and you’re automatically transported to pristine beaches, sandy shores and laid back afternoons. You might not have gotten your well-deserved summer getaway last year, but this summer looks promising. While everyone around us is finally planning their holiday looks, we can’t help but share the one bag trend that is perfect for your….

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Image Credit: HSS 09 July, 2021

7 Luxury Pieces To Update Your Wardrobe With

Change is not always a bad thing. When life becomes mundane, it’s a good idea to get inspired by looking to things outside our comfort zone. This rule applies to styling and building a wardrobe too. We often rush to buy new things for one occasion or give into fast fashion trends without realizing the….

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Image Credit: HSS 07 July, 2021

No Room For Boring Heels With These Statement Pieces to Ensure You Stand Out

Have you been staring at the heels in your wardrobe wondering when will they see the light of day again? We admit, comfy and snug sandals made us miss them a little less at the start of the pandemic. But it’s been over a year and we fear our feet have forgotton what walking in….

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Image Credit: HSS 05 July, 2021

The Sarah Jessica Parker approved Fendi Baguette is back for Summer 2021!

The Fendi Baguette is nothing short of an icon in the fashion world. The bag that takes it’s name from the French loaf was launched in 1997 by Silvia Venturini Fendi, grand daughter of the Italian fashion house founders. She came up with a playful, fun and bright bag that broke through the era of….

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