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Image Credit: HSS 17 January, 2022

Add Chunk & Platform to everything, from Boots to Sandals!

While the trend of platforms started in the 70’s, it is often speculated that it has been around since 600 BCE and Greeks were one of the first to wear high heels or wedges . Fascinating, isn’t it? This time, we are going frenzy over the platform trend yet again ever since big shot celebrities….

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Image Credit: HSS 12 January, 2022

Y2K Dressing Explained and Why you should know about it!

Do you miss the mid 90’s- the booming era of dot com? You are not the only one! Y2K fashion is another thing we absolutely miss from that era and there have been occasions when we were aching to rock the clothing from ‘Bring it on’ and ‘Legally Blonde’ looks but couldn’t because it takes….

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Image Credit: HSS 10 January, 2022

Get Goth & Ghoulish with 5 Luring Staples!

Gothmania is real- Take an example of Hollywood’s hard-hitting goth wave that made the gothic trend downright interesting! The Twilight Series and ‘ The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo’ made sure the dark and dreamy looks are considered a ‘new cool’. It’s not just your favorite Kristen Stewart; Winona Ryder, Anne Hathway and many others….

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Image Credit: HSS 07 January, 2022

7 Bright Bags to Brighten your After-daze Party Season Blues

If there’s any one trend that is going to create a ripple this year; it’s the bags of bright colors. How? Perhaps, spewing some of that beacon of optimism into our wardrobe might make the lockdown blues go away! Leonie Hanne has been on the front-foot when it comes to boasting the bright hues and….

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Image Credit: HSS 05 January, 2022

11 Pieces from Prada’s Rhinestone Collection for a Sparkly Twist!

With the new year comes a new you, and to celebrate this idea, Prada holds the smoking gun! (or should we say a ‘Sparkling Gun’?)- A collection that . The glitz and glam you’re about to see is going to stun everyone. Everyone’s looking to look youthful and shimmering this year; Be it Leonie Hanne….

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Image Credit: HSS 03 January, 2022

STEP UP with 3 Superstar Sneakers Featuring Alexander Mcqueen, Stella McCartney and Golden Goose

Looking to find the perfect trainer with the heel ideal for your foot? We’ve got three bad boys from Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Golden Goose to that challenge! All of them have got the distinct heel sizes to cater what your precious feet needs! Watch FULL YouTube video from the link below and know….

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Image Credit: HSS 29 December, 2021

Let’s Magic to your closet with these Novelty bags!

Craving something magical for your outings? Presenting you the timeless beauties by JL- Be it the famous bubbly, beverage can bag or popsicles, Judith Leiber never disappoints you with its novelty collection! Watch full YouTube video to see our highly sought after collection!

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Image Credit: HSS 28 December, 2021

Tips to Declutter your wardrobe & Style Expert’s 6 Essentials for 2022

Sprucing up your wardrobe can be an uphill task especially if your clothes are all over the place. You can’t even find your fav items at times in all the mess, and all that hassle can sometimes spoil your mood. (It’s a nightmare for sure!) If you’re going through something similar, ask yourself questions like,….

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Image Credit: HSS 27 December, 2021

Gleam & Glitz in Style this Festive Season- Featuring Prada

Aiming to go big on sparkle? Nothing says party like a pair of sparkly shoes and a bag. Prada takes the game of sparkle to the next level by bringing two most popular fashion pieces. With jaw-dropping embellished crystals, Cleo Bag and Prada slides are going to be the show-stoppers of the season! For luxury….

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Image Credit: HSS 22 December, 2021

Ways to Pump up the Volume Trend this Season!

With bold and brazen feels, voluminous clothing is the season’s latest trend that is definitely on rule. Where have we picked this trend from? Back in the days, people wore extravagant clothes with balloon sleeves and a dress with extra volume to make a strong statement. So, we can safely say that 80’s fashion is….

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