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Image Credit: HSS 30 September, 2022

Kim Kardashian x Dolce Gabbana Collaboration & Pieces We Love!

This year has been rather exciting for the fashionistas and anyone in general from the fashion world. With the display event of the “Ciao, Kim” collection, Dolce & Gabbana and Kim Kardashian have created something extraordinary and they have taken the world by storm. Ever since Ciao Kim happened at Milan Fashion Week, the images….

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Image Credit: HSS 29 September, 2022

Bag Vault: Benedetta Bruzziches Bags For Every Party!

Are you looking for bags that ooze endless glam wherever you go? Whether it’s a party or a lively event, the disco vibe brought by the Benedetta Bruzziches bags is everything.  What’s so Special About Benedetta Crystal Bags? They come with crystal embellishments all over, but that’s not it; they have versatile detailings depending on….

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Image Credit: HSS 28 September, 2022

Hailey Bieber-Inspired Parachute Pants Are Back Again!

Trends come and go, but some keep returning while bringing nostalgia. Case in point? The Y2K aesthetic and cargo pants trend has taken the world by storm owing to their timeless appeal when worn on the streets. Similarly, another trend has come to light and is quickly becoming a ladies’ fave this year, commonly known….

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Image Credit: HSS 27 September, 2022

Handbag Trends: The 4 Hottest Bags of 2022!

Every year we witness the it-bags that become the regular staple for the streets and fashion shows. Before splurging money on the luxury bags, make sure they are approved by celebrities, influencers and most importantly displayed in the fashion shows. What Kind of Bags Are Trending in 2022?  This year, many handbags have made it….

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Image Credit: HSS 26 September, 2022

White Boots For Women are Fall’s Most Awaited!

A few trends will keep coming back even when they go out of style; the white boots for women trend is one of them. We have discussed the impact of Chelsea boots and platform shoes on our looks, especially with the coming fall. This time, our focus has shifted towards the white boots, whether they….

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Image Credit: HSS 23 September, 2022

Milan Fashion Week 22 Kicked Off with Max Mara’s Riviera Sophistication

We witnessed some of the greatest spectacles of fashion this year, and Max Mara had something up its sleeve to stun the crowds of fashionistas. Undoubtedly, if one has to watch brilliance coupled with sophistication, Milan Fashion Week 22 offers all that and more. Thanks to their sense of minimalism, the brand’s essence was captured….

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Image Credit: HSS 21 September, 2022

Forecast: Designer Tote Bags Are Coming Back in Style & Here To Stay!

Bag lovers are ditching their itty-bitty bags for more spacious options like the new YSL Maxi Tote and Christian Dior Tote bag. Yes, we’re talking about a complete makeover from smaller items to bigger and better. And totes play a key role in making the statement more impactful, but you can accessorize your looks with….

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Image Credit: HSS 20 September, 2022

Hermes Birkin Sellier 30 is the Bag of Your Dreams!

Out of all the classic bags, if there is one classic beauty that offers timeless style and practicality forever, it’s the Hermes Birkin Sellier bag. Ever since Jean Dumas sat next to Jane Birkin and created a perfect design customized to her needs, the rest is history. But why has this bag gotten so much….

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Image Credit: HSS 14 September, 2022

4 Fall Print Trends 2022 and How to Wear Them!

The fall season isn’t too far away, and it will be here in a blink. Therefore, it’s best to fill up your wardrobe for the cooler weather. What’s trending in 2022? One thing is for sure; print trends are seen everywhere, on social media or the streets. And honestly, we think printed outfits could give….

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Image Credit: HSS 12 September, 2022

Why is Waistcoat Vest the Season’s Most Underrated Trend?

As we transition to fall outfits, a trend that still lives rent-free in our hearts has something to do with sartorial living. Yes, we’re talking about the all-season waistcoat trend. As we scroll through the social media feeds, we find several influencers bringing their A-game with a waistcoat vest. How to Wear Women’s Waistcoat Vest?….

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