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22 April, 2021

Suhoor Style is A Thing & Here’s a Glamorous Look to Make Your Debut

For some people suhoor means dragging themselves out of bed, chugging down litres of water and going back to bed. For the glitterati, suhoor is another occasion to show off their great taste and style. Suhoor gatherings are quite big in some countries and people take dressing up for them quite seriously. It’s a trend that’s picking up everywhere and suhoor fashion is definitely a term now.

We’re excited to share a knockout look with you for suhoor. It’s elegant, it’s glamorous, it’s definitely a look that will get you noticed! The winner here is the cream coloured Rasario gown that is so effortlessly chic. It features neckties and loose, flared sleeves. These little details add more character to the silk-satin gown. There are so many ways you can style this piece and it will truly be the star in your wardrobe.

For now let’s see the accessories we chose to go with it to create a glamorous suhoor look.


All Ramadan looks have to have some bling. It’s a given! We choose this uber glam Rosantica Melanie bag to go with our gleaming Ivory gown. It’s made from a cage structure that fits a champagne coloured pouch. The facade is decorated liberally with green, blue and white crystals (Why we love Rosantica so much – crystals!) and the handle is made of faux pearls. It’s truly a piece like no other and we can take the liberty of going all out with an embellished bag as we’re keeping the gown very simple.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, watches are investment pieces. You buy a good watch today, it will stay with you (possibly for generations). We can’t take our eyes off of this Buccellati timepiece. It features 337 diamonds that illuminate the floral dial, a gorgeous alligator green strap and is made from 18K white gold. That’s quite a watch, if you ask us. It goes beautifully with anything but makes our suhoor look ever so elegant with it’s presence.

We love how this look is coming together with bursts of sparkle and color here and there. Another piece that will really bring out the green color of the watch and crystals on the bag are these Amrapali earrings. They are handmade from 18K gold and sterling silver. A 5.75 carat emerald sits amongst shining diamonds to ensure you look like the goddess you are. An investment piece that has stolen our heart! Finish of the look with the Louboutin Pailettacan pvc mules and an embellished Gucci headband. It’s a winner look, through and through. Walk into a room wearing these and there’s no way you won’t get noticed for all the right reasons. Change the suhoor style game!

All pieces mentioned can be found below and you can shop them by simply clicking on the link of the desired product. We hope you love this week’s look. We’ll be back with another theme next week so stay tuned for that! For now, shop away to make an impact like never before.

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