The Compact & Body-friendly Louis Vuitton Loop Bag!

In the last few decades, many bags have arrived and swung the pendulum of fashion toward them. However, some bags became an instant hit, and the fashion world never got over them. The croissant bag is one of those monogram purses that was released in the early 2000s and was known for its beautiful canvas monogram body, slim silhouette, and shoulder strap to meet the versatility needs of bag lovers.

When it was discontinued, it left a void in the fashion fraternity of luxury bag lovers. The world needed a revival of the moon-like bag from the house LV. Hence, the Louis Vuitton Loop Bag reign begins.

Louis Vuitton Loop Bag

After the reign of the Croissant bag, we’ve got ourselves another crescent beauty with all the right features compelling to the eyes of bagoholics. It’s slim and gorgeous, with a size that is body-friendly for everyone. But one might ask, what’s the difference between the croissant bag and the loop bag?

Although they both have a similar half-moon-like shape, one of the most obvious differences we see is in their sizes; Croissant was available in PM, MM, and GM, but LV loop bags are only available in one size. Let’s discuss a few of its characteristics!

Credits: Louis Vuitton

Iterations Of Loop Bag!

Over some time, we’ve seen many variants of the lv loop bag, but the ones that are available in recent times are Louis Vuitton Monogram Loop Bag, Loop Baguette Bag, Monogram Canvas Hobo Bag, and Loop G67. Moreover, you will also find it in bright yellow color, navy jacquard, etc. 

Size & Measurements

As discussed, one of the most distinguishing features of the loop bag is its compact size which is both functional and highly elegant. However, there’s a caveat; you can only carry so much in a loop bag, as it comes with only one size that is ideal for carrying your essentials.

Measurements: 9.1″ L x 5.1″ H x 2.4


Louis Vuitton mainly uses coated canvas. However, materials like woven fabrics, patent leather, leather trims, and others are used to craft a monogrammed purse or a bag. The Loop or half-moon baguette bag has been fashioned from jacquard monogram velvet or other materials based on which bag you’re eying. It is to be noted that the jacquard velour is 100% sustainable and environment-friendly.

Styling The Loop Bag

Apart from its appealing silhouette, what we love about this bag is its practical aspect. If you like to carry their bag via a chain, the loop bag comes with a detachable chain for you to bring in the chain factor. Similarly, if you are a strap person, you can adjust the strap according to your need and make it a shoulder strap bag. You can remove both straps and chains and make it a monogrammed purse if you wish to do so.

Price Of The Louis Vuitton Loop Bag

It can be challenging to arrange a loop bag, especially when you go on a bag hunt. It is recommended to contact experts like Haute Secret Shoppers to provide a personalized shopping experience. 

The Loop bag can cost around $2,000 in Monogram Canvas design, but other iterations may cost you more depending on the variant. You may find them out of stock online, but our secret shoppers are best at procuring the correct item for you.