Stella McCartney’s Vibrant Violet were an Absolute Riot at A/W ‘22!

When we covered ‘Lilac is the new pink’, we knew the air had started to blow towards shades of purple. Then comes Stella McCartney’s Winter-fall collection with a violet twist and we can safely say it was a block-buster. Models were seen wearing all kinds of traditional outfits in purple from knits to nylon and polyester.


Photo Courtesy: Stella McCartney

Although Stella McCartney has been pushing purple for quite some time, there were a few things that they did differently this time; such as emphasis on conceptual art and using sustainable materials. Other than that, their remarkable show of feminine dominance in their clothes was evident as it aligns with their collection’s idea that revolves around women living in the moment yet being conscious of the tomorrow.

The goal was to blend in luxury with a pop of color and collaboration with Frank Stella did just that. Seeing their experimentation with color, there has been a definite intersection of minimalism and maximalism in their collection as seen in dresses with oversized lapels, extra puff and silk.


Courtesy: AMI

For ones who did not want to go all out with purple, the collection showed one piece of ensemble that you could carry in purple such as the purple knit-wear that was seen in the show.

Zeeshan Amjad

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