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16 April, 2021

Shop sustainable fashion with Reformation!

This month we’re exploring brands who promote sustainable and ethical fashion. You can’t speak of sustainable fashion practices and not mention Reformation.

What started as a vintage shop is now a full blown womenswear clothing brand deeply invested in practicing and promoting ethical fashion practices.

Fast fashion and the demand for new seasonal trends means that a lot fashion houses end up contributing to our environment negatively with excess waste and increased emissions. Reformation has been water, carbon and waste neutral since 2015! They have ambitious plans of being climate positive by 2025 too. For these reasons and more, we’re encouraging you to shop the chic, clean and staples that Reformation creates for women.

We love their versatile pieces that can be styled to look formal or casual and that means you get your money’s worth when shopping from them. This Jerri dress is a great example. Pair it with stilettos and some chunky jewelry for a date night or go casual with sneakers and a ponytail!


Get into the summer feels with this relaxed organic cotton matching cami set. Wear it to the beach, wear it at home. It embodies the white summer aesthetic so effortlessly! It’s a great addition to your wardrobe and especially for people living in places with a year round warm climate.


They’ve made us love the simpler side of dressing up. From ripped shorts to puffy sleeved dresses, they have a knack for making the ordinary look extraordinary. This cute green dress made from sheer georgette is perfect for the summer day out. The color is refreshing and the ruffled trims add a feminine flair


Shop these comfortable and staple pieces by Reformation knowing that they are making responsable and ethical fashion choices. Scroll below and see lots more from the brand!

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