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09 September, 2022

5 Chloe Wallet Bags We have On Our Wishlist This Fall!

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If there’s any brand known for bringing new bag designs to light, it’s Chloe which has come with striking bags with versatile specifications. Whether it’s Chloe wallet bags, purses, or handbags, fashionistas are clambering to have them in their hands or arms. 

Why Buy Chloe Wallet Bags?

Most designs are inspired by the 70’s cult bags, especially the Marcie bag. Most of the other Chloe bags have got a vintage twist as well. For instance, the Marcie small wallets are fashioned from calfskin leather with decorative stitching that reminds you of the 70’s Marcie bag. Similarly, the alphabet wallets also have an element of vintage aesthetic whenever we look at them. So, for the lovers of vintage bags who want a touch of modernity in their accessories, the neChloeoe wallet bags are the best way to express your style.

Materials Used in Wallet Bags

Most of the bags are carefully crafted from the finest materials, whether it’s the bag’s exterior, interior, or hardware. Talking about the outer part, the bag is intricately made from calfskin leather. Depending on what bag you’re into, every bag will have its essence and a decorative aspect. Some of the wallets that are most sought-after by fashionistas come with leather links and jewelry-inspired metal hardware. 

The practicality of the Bags

Ideally, all wallet bags come with internal compartments and zippered pockets to keep your essentials safe every time you step out of the house. Some people carry one small wallet and a handbag depending on what they are carrying and what kind of fashion statement they are making. Apart from the compartments, pockets, and zippers, the wallets come with multiple card slots from 5 to 12 or more. So, if you’re someone who carries a lot of cards in their wallets, Chloe wallet bags would be your best bet. 

5 Chloe Wallet Bags That Offer Timeless Elegance

Our expert editors have looked into the new collection of Chloe wallet bags and pulled out these trendy bags selling like hotcakes. Let’s take a look at them:

Chloe’s Marcie Small Wallet In Grained Calfskin

Oozing ’70s elegance, this bag comes with bold color and a design that reminds you of the vintage era. With gold brass detail and a decorative touch to its exterior, anyone would have it with them.

Chloe’s Alphabet Wallet Bag with Flap

This one strikes a balance between smooth calfskin leather and a grained one. However, we adore this flap bag’s practicality as it boasts 12 card slots and roomy compartments. 

Chloe’s Marcie Long Zipped Wallet

We just can’t get enough of the Marcie designs because of their intricate stitching that takes mastery and creativity. Make it your permanent fixture for fall looks and beyond for a bohemian elegance!

Dark Ruby Alphabet Wallet by Chloe

Who doesn’t love the shades of maroon? The new alphabet wallet in dark ruby isn’t your ideal purse. It has a shiny appeal and a decent aesthetic that will charm many!

Chloe’s Hana Chain Wallet

The Hana chain wallet ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for a luxury bag that offers practicality, style, and versatility. We love this one because you can carry it any way you want. 

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