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27 August, 2021

Make Some Room For These Standout Earrings Featuring Amina Muaddi, Fendi & More

Jewellery has always held an important position in a woman’s life and her wardrobe. Standout pieces can work as statement accessories and totally lift the mood of your whole look. We even celebrate the most important milestones in our life with jewellery – whether it’s proposals, birthdays, anniversaries or graduations, you can expect jewellery to make it to the top of the list as a gift. It’s that special. There are our everyday pieces that we wear to work, school etc. These are more simplistic in design and go well with most anything. Then there are the really standout ones that make you feel like you belong on a runway or the cover of Vogue. That’s the effect good statement jewellery has on us! We can never underestimate the power of great design and today we’re sharing our current favourites with you. So brace yourselves to find out more about standout earrings in 2021 and then shop them from the links below!

It’s safe to say that anything Amina Muaddi touches, turns to gold. We’ve been seeing that with her sold out shoe collections and even with her earrings too. The Begum crystal earrings feature the iconic crystal star brooch that features on Amina Muaddi’s Begum shoes. It’s big, it’s shiny and the iconic design is easy to recognize. It’s definitely a piece you want to wear to make a statement.

Show it off at parties, girls night out, formal dinners and we promise, you won’t regret the decision. We think it pairs well with all silhoutettes but maybe go for an updo or swept hair to really give them the space they need to shine!


The Fendi O’Lock pieces are hot right now. They come as part of the design house’s F/W ‘21 collection and launched with the now sold out Fendi First bag. These O’Lock pieces are oval shaped featuring the Fendi F logo and have modern and contemporary feel. Check it out below and shop before it gets sold out too! A more elaborate and decorated pair of earrings are the Versace Virtus. We love them because they are so quintessentially Versace. You can see the delicate engravings on the gold-tone metal and V from Versace taking centre stage. These timeless designs won’t go out of style and everytime you take them out, they will definitely add that extra spark or sparkle your outfit needs.


Moving on to a more is more design philosophy, we’ve also included in the list the Saint Laurent logo heart earrings that are crystal embellished. We’ll give a little disclaimer here, these aren’t your average earrings that you can put on and expect to go with what you’re wearing. You’ll want to a plan a whole look around this piece! Flaunt your love for the design house in these dangling piece that features the iconic YSL logo with a cute heart at the fastening. Want to know what else is on the list? Explore the links below and shop!

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