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17 January, 2023

Jacquemus Le Bisou Shoulder Bag Is The Next Hit Bag In 2023!

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Everyone is familiar with the highest quality leather bags crafted intricately by Parisian artisans. No one can deny the popularity of these Jacquemus leather bags, be it Le Chiquito, Le Bambino, or others. What’s in store for you in 2023? What has Jacquemus been up to in terms of bringing innovation into its line of luxury bags?

Why are Jacquemus bags so expensive, and will they ever release a bag that offers value and the perfect fashion aesthetic that the fast and dynamic fashion world demands? These questions are circulating in people’s minds as they cross their fingers, but not for too long. This year they have brought you something special that will answer many of their questions. So without further ado, let’s get into what this year has in store for you.

Credits: Jacquemus

Jacquemus Le Bisou Bag

”It would be easy to elicit reasons why we think the new shoulder bag will be the next big sensation in the fashion industry since Le Chiquito. There have been a lot of rumors regarding this bag before it was released in December 2022 on the runway, along with Le Bambimou, Le Tote Panier, Le Raphia, etc. People were curious about what this line of bags would offer that hadn’t been offered before. Let’s break it down! Jacquemus Le Bisou bag enters, or should we place ‘Le’ on top to express our delight most interestingly?

Credits: Jacquemus

Why Should Jacquemus Le Bisou Be On Your Wishlist?

Yes, classics are nice, and they reflect upon your exquisite taste in bags, but mundanity in every 

aspect of life can cause boredom. Most of you might have gotten into a bag rut, not knowing what to buy next since you’ve spent heaps of money on luxury bags and spun every it-bag over the years. However, Le Bisou isn’t your tried and tested classic or vintage bag that has been around for a long time; it’s a breath of fresh air and a fun way to express your fashion aesthetic.

It’s a nod to the Y2K era of the 2000s and incorporates the minimalistic silhouette of the 90s grace and elegance. One of our stylists joked about how buying this rectangle bag would make us forget about the baguette style because the characteristics that are picked to shape this bag are based on the preferences of fashion buffs who believe in fun and cherishing every moment of your life by bringing colors into it. 

Also, it has already been carried by top fashionistas like Emma Chamberlain and Amina Muaddi. 

Different Iterations Of Jacquemus Le Bisou Shoulder Bag!

Oozing the Y2K flair in the most sophisticated way, here are some fresh and new bags to fill your wardrobe with a pop of color!

Le Bisou Perle 

Credits: Jacquemus

Le Bisou Cadenas

Credits: Jacquemus


Credits: Jacquemus

Le Bisou Denim

Credits: Jacquemus

Where Can You Get Jacquemus Le Bisou?

Since it’s only available at very few retailers, Haute Secret Shoppers can assist you in procuring your favorite piece upon your demand and provide a personalized shopping experience. 

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