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28 February, 2022

How to Pull of Stripes on Stripes Fashion Trend

We’ve talked about stripes a number of times in the last few years but the barometer for fashion tells us that wind is going to blow harder towards stripes again and our fashion forecasters have confirmed it.

While we think ‘more is more’ speaks more of a maximalist’s way but come on, who doesn’t love stripes? However, this time we’re not talking about just one striped piece, our love for them has spiked as a result of wearing sweats and tees for two years and now we want to go all the way with stripes. And there’s not one way to do that; we’re going to walk you through all the ways to make a perfect striped statement.

Wondering how?

5 Ways to Wear Stripes on Stripes

1. A Unified Combo

If you’re someone who can’t get enough stripes, the unified combo can come into play and save your day! However, it is pertinent to choose a stripe that you love so that you can go all the way with it. The challenge here is to find the design you love enough to have it all around. Also, it brings a whole look together like anything!

2. Play with Width

Our stylists have suggested an interesting approach to take your stripes game to a new high and it’s definitely going to pop out some serious glam on the streets! There’s just one caveat; you will have to scavenge for pieces with different widths so that you can ace the trend simply by playing with the widths.

3. Try pattern-on-pattern!

After the animal print trend, this one could be the next big thing. When we say pattern-on-pattern, we’re not talking about two similar patterns. They can vary in dimensions, color and design. For instance, you can wear a sweater with horizontal stripes along with a diagonally striped skirt.

4. Multiple Colors

Yes, you guessed it right! It’s not necessary for stripes to be of the same color; try straying away as far as you can go to make a contrasting effect for a bolder, sharper look.

5. Accessorize with stripes!

Want to have stripes on stripes but not too keen on putting on striped skirts or pants? Go for a striped bag and give a striped finishing effect. If you’re feeling cold, a striped scarf may come handy and you can still look trendy!

Need options?

Here’s a list of pieces our stylists have rounded up so that you can play with stripes!

Multicolored Stripe Wrap Shirt by Martine Rose

Talking about colors, what’s better if you get to have a multi-faceted effect on one piece? This shirt by Martine Rose will allow you to have more room to be creative with the stuff that will go on to the rest of the body. On top of that, these aren’t sharp stripes that you normally see on roads, it’s got the rainbow effect that is ideal for your daytime glam.

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Balenciaga’s White and Blue Asymmetric Striped Shirt

Want to have an effortless look for your no fuss mood? Try this asymmetric shirt that looks loose and comfortable for your daily activities and farmer’s market strolls. We’re particularly loving the white and blue striped effect that’s hard to pick unless you look too closely. Fascinating?

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Chloe Off-white and Brown Linen Striped Small Woody Tote

Give a finishing effect that’s bound to turn heads and for a very good reason! This woody tote comes in a buffed leather trim with stripes that are hard to resist. Put it on along with any striped piece and enjoy a chic look!

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MM6 Maison Margiela Grey Canvas Pin-striped Shirt

Our personal fave skirt in grey with white stripes is going to mesmerize the lookers! Apart from how gorgeous it looks, it has a four pocket styling and an asymmetric hem for practicality.

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Marni Blue & Orange Check Jacquard Trousers

What’s more bold yet sophisticated than sharp blue trousers that come with a checked effect? Wear it along with a coordinating sweater for a bolder appeal!

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Rave Review Brown and Blue Lola Coat

Brace yourself for the brown and blue as this coat is going to make a colorful statement this season, if pulled off rightly! What do we love about this one? The shades of blue and brown have our heart and we can’t resist the multicolored stripes over it.

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Loewe Off-white and Orange Scarf

Looking for a perfect accessory to finish off your striped look? Go for this scarf made from the finest cotton having eye-catching multi-colored stripes. Wear this and expect endless compliments from the lookers!

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If you have any questions regarding how you can ace the stripes on stripes trend, speak to our personal shoppers for a personalized fashion consultation.

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