The Rule of Animal Kingdom: 3 Ways to Style Animal Prints in 2022

Let’s take a moment and paint a picture of someone standing next to you in a queue, and you’re just holding your gaze on this gorgeous animal print worn by that person. It would be a moment to behold, no?

Animal prints, no matter what type they are- there is one thing for sure: people will look at them. That’s probably why they were so popular a few years ago. The whole fashion world was taken by it, and designers carefully incorporated the designs in their pieces, hoping their staples would prove to be chart-busting. However, the dust settled, and we thought it would be the end of the eye-catching animal prints, but then Roberto Cavalli’s SS22 Animal print extravaganza happened. We knew we were inching towards the animal kingdom. And something tells us, this time, the trend will blow up our social media feeds and be seen everywhere, from malls to streets and runways to disco ball events.

Where else have we seen these trends popping up? Kendall Jenner and Jlo have been spotted wearing these bold and beautiful prints many times, and we’ll admit, they surely know how to pull them off! Stylist Mickey Boom thinks that the trend is coming back because people want to start to travel again and explore new lands and climates. We can’t deny; that things have been pretty monotonous during the Converse, so 2022 demands a comeback of the bold animal prints. Let’s have ‘em, shall we?

3 Ways to Style Animal Prints

Our style forecasters have not only rounded up a list of fun and fabulous wild and fierce animal prints but also ensured we know how to style them up exactly!

1. Max the Print

What do we mean when we say max the print? The best way to maximize your animal print look is to either put a printed piece on another print to bring out more fierceness in your style statement or you also have an option to just go with a floral-animal combination. Yell style like a true maximalist!

2. Elevate Neutrals

For minimalists, we’ve got the perfect solution not to go too extra with the animal print. The best way to make sure you’re following the trend while being minimal is to add oomph to your monochrome/neutral dressing by accessorizing it with zebra, cheetah, or leopard-printed accessories.

3. Match the Size

Prints can be big or small- you can have them based on your body type, taste, or preference. But one thing to consider here is what amount of animal print you want to express.

6 Wild and fierce animal prints

Amina Muaddi’s Holi Tiger Pumps

These pumps come with the right heel size that will give comfort to your foot while making sure you are adding a cool wild twist to your neutrals. They also have an elevated strap that will lock your foot nicely.

The Attic’s Devon Leopard print Satin Mules

These mules have been relaunched with leopard satin, and we admit, these shoes have a knack for letting you breathe and feel breezy. Besides its square footbed, we love the pyramidical heels of these leopard beauties!

Yves Salomon Belted Leopard Print Shearling Coat

Want to go full-on maximalist and have printed on print? Wear anything floral or different animal pint and layer it with this gorgeous shearling coat with a classic trench style. We’re down for it!

VIX Cutout Snake Print Linen Blend Mini Dress

Looking for something other than a cheetah or leopard? Try a snake print! This cutout piece will have everyone at the party looking at you. You can put it beneath the above-mentioned shearling coat for a fierce maximalist look!

Balenciaga Logo Embroidered Leopard Print Faux Fur Slides

To elevate your off-duty glam, these faux fur slides will add a pop of leopard to your loungewear look and amaze your guests! Talking about the details, this furry beauty has the softest footbed designed to take care of your foot health.

Camilla One-sleeve Embellished Animal Print

This highly saturated chiffon dress is patched with an eye-catching animal print. We love how effortlessly it drapes over your body frame and gives a confident look! You can finish your look with gold jewelry that will blend nicely with your outfit!

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