Trend: Loud and Vibrant Maximalism will Stay in 2022

Let’s say goodbye to mundanity and welcome the rise of maximalism. What’s causing it to amplify? We blame Covid-19 and monotonous fashion statements during that time. Enters maximalism with a philosophy that says, ‘more is more’.

But do we agree to that statement? Hell yes! Especially in gloomy times when you need something bold and beautiful to pop up, a maximalist trend is that knight in shining armour to save us from the dark. When we say maximalism, we’re talking about statement making dresses that can not only appear chic but also helps us boost our mood. After all, the wind blew towards minimalism for so long that the resurgence of wild prints and heavy saturation was bound to happen. The Y2K trend did make an impact when it comes to unearthing love for a little boldness. But this time around, we are going all out, max.

Let’s take a page out of the book of a Calgarian Influencer Ania B. who’s touted for going over the edge with her anti-minimalist dressing. Or how about we ponder upon Barbie Ferriera’s recent outfit post that scored a staggering 1 million likes. Pretty insane right? Several other celebrities have championed the art of carrying maximalist dressing unapologetically. (And FYI, it is gen-z approved.)

Maximalism isn’t only about wearing bigger clothes; it encapsulates the art of layering, mismatching and extra prints that get eyes hooked on. Even if you’re wearing frills and ruffles, your game is still going strong. In short, if you’re amplifying your style statement, you qualify for being a maximalist. Finding it hard to find the perfect pieces to pull off a maximalist look?

We’ve got the hot and heavy pieces that will make your heart go singing!

The Game of Prints with Gucci’s The North Face Printed Down Jacket

First up is the one that is intricately designed by Gucci for an extremely oversized outfit. The excessive prints are going to make everyone drool and everywhere you go, people are going to look! Dropped shoulders and its below hip fall makes it a piece of the season which you all should get.

Color-blocking with Moschino’s Enver Satin Dress

If there’s one thing Moschino does the best, it is making its pieces pop with uniqueness. This time around, they did it with exceptional color blocking; we’re digging the patch work on this enver satin dress. For anyone trying to stand out this year, this dress is a way to go!

The Power of Platforms with Versace

If you’re missing one ingredient from your new look, we would push these Medusa Aevitas platforms over the counter owing to their color popping tendencies. Bucked with crystal strap and having the signature charm of medusa, we don’t see this pink beauty vanishing anytime soon!

GO Green- All out with Gucci’s Emerald Green Canvas Trousers

If you are all for the bold colors, try these emerald green trousers and keep them looking! Apart from oozing Gucci’s class, the color, structure and feel are a breath of fresh air. And we can’t agree more!

Freshly big with Prada’s Women Pink Toweling Headband

It’s not your ordinary headband; it’s more than that. This pink headband is maximalistically practical! There we said it. You can put it on right after you dry your hair and feel fresh and comfortable from the scalp. There is no other alternative to this fine beauty!

Pop big in a party- with Jimmy Choo’s Callie Small Shoulder bag

It’s one of those things that look small but have a massive impact on your look and how people see you. If you’re looking to stand out in an evening party, don’t forget to put this callie bag on. The ombre-effect metallic discs will make sure all eyes are set on you.

Let your clothes say, ‘One your face’.

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Zeeshan Amjad

Zeeshan is a content marketer who has worked in different facets of marketing in the past. He now puts on a cape of a fashion content crafter by day and a binge-watcher by night. He doesn't feel awesome about talking about himself as the third person but can be talked into it if need be. You can reach out to him at