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31 May, 2022

All you Need to Know About Buying a Hermes Kelly Handbag!

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People who have stepped foot into the world of luxury fashion know that buying a Hermes Kelly Handbag can be an uphill task. Most people only look at the price tags before making a decision but when it comes to Hermes, the buying process becomes tricky, as it is one of the most sought-after brands in the fashion world that offers coveted luxury products. Stay tuned to find out all about where the bag comes from and what it’s all about!

Wondering how the Kelly bag became a fashionista’s fave? It all started when one of Hollywood’s biggest actresses and the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, carried the Kelly bag at the time she was taking part in 1955’s movie ‘To Catch a Thief’ with the dashing debonair of that time, Cary Grant. After she was photographed with the bag, the luxury item became a global hit. 

Credits: Vogue

What Makes an Hermes Kelly Handbag so Special?

Apart from Birkins, If there’s one bag that has been a long time contender for the it-bag of the century, it’s safe to say many of us would be willing to give reigns to the Kelly bag. And that is for a very good reason. Hermes bags come with premium leather and are crafted intricately by artisans of the highest caliber. According to the fashion experts, any craftsman who wants to take part in the making of the bag has to spend 5 years under the roof of the Hermes design house before they are tasked to work on the bags. 

Variations of The Kelly Handbag

Kelly bags come in different colors, styles, and sizes. However, all the designs and styles are inspired from the signature Kelly bag. For instance, Kelly Cut is the reimagined version of the classic Kelly having features like a turnlock closure, sturdy shape and a tophandle that allows versatile style options. Another one that comes into our mind is the Kelly Lounge; however, however, Hermes stopped selling this bag back in 2008 as they shifted their focus towards other variants. But if someone is interested in buying this bag, they can contact an expert dealer in fashion and luxury items to have it delivered. Independent online retailers like Haute Secret Shoppers have the intensive knowledge and understanding to go about selling and buying of luxury items. You can pick and choose any bag that is available and one that is right for you.

To name a few others, Kelly Danse was introduced to the fashion enthusiasts as soon as Kelly Lounge was discontinued to give luxury bag lovers a casual twist. This bag featured a chic top handle that was elongated with the usual features and the essence of true Kelly. 

For people who are keen on travelling every now and then, different variants of Kelly bags were launched. One of them that comes to our mind is the Bucket bag that could be used as chic accessory on many occasions, be it a weekend get together or a summer time party at the beach. Similarly, Picnic Kelly was designed back in 2011 specifically for the people who had a knack of travelling and it was expected that this bag could serve as a country side companion for the bag connoisseurs.

Lastly, our personal favorite Kelly to go bag came in with distinct features and was branded as an ideal wallet for people to keep their essentials safe. The most interesting highlight of the wallet was its removable strap that allowed people to wear this beauty as a crossbody bag.   

Is There a Waiting List to Buy a Kelly Bag?

Gone are the days when you had to wait for years to get your bag. Now the time frame has been shortened because it was not fair for people to wait that long. However; there’s still a timeframe and you have to wait for a certain period of time before you’re blessed with the Kelly bag.

How to Buy an Hermes Kelly Handbag?

One biggest challenge that was faced by customers before was to find a hassle free way to buy a Kelly bag. Ideally, people had to visit Hermes Boutiques to find a bag but things have been simplified greatly in recent times. Now, you can get in touch with the personal shoppers and independent dealers of Hermes bag and build a relationship with them. They have deep knowledge of the product even though they are not partners with Hermes or their boutiques. So, you can simply discuss your requirements with them and their team will provide you with the available options. 

If you’re buying through a boutique, there are a number of things you need to be aware of before going about your hunt for Hermes handbags. Let’s boil down some of the things that can make a difference:

  • Dress appropriate when you’re visiting a Hermes Boutique to make a statement.
  • Discuss and elaborate on the product i.e. what you’re looking for and why
  • Build an active client-customer relationship with the boutique stakeholders
  • Be interested in other Hermes products as well so that they value you as a loyal customer

Once you have successfully made an impression with your knowledge, attire and purchase history, get ready for a vip treatment and have your personalized needs met.

Looking for another way to shop for a Kelly bag?

Try the easier approach and speak to the personal shoppers who are adept that procuring luxury items like Birkins, Kelly Bags and etc. Make sure you communicate your interests to them so that they understand what you’re looking for and have your needs met accordingly. In fact, many of the celebrities and social media influencers use this approach to get their luxury items much faster depending on the availability. On top of that, you can avail the VIP treatment and have access to all the sought after items. 

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