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28 July, 2022

This Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag is Still Ruling the Fashion World!

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If there’s any luxury bag that has a charm worth a million bucks, it’s everyone’s fave Louis Vuitton speedy bag. Why? It has been around since 1930 and still holds a place in any bag lover’s heart as the iconic bag from the house LV. Some interestingly call it the younger sister of the ‘keep all’ bag, and we love the association because both of these bags are just so much alike in terms of their style. However, what distinguishes Speedy is its convenience to carry for everyday usage as it provides both space and style.

A ‘Speedy’ Flashback!

The fashion time-keepers must know that speedy started getting strict attention when Hollywood’s queen Audrey Hepburn wore it in 1960. And the rest is history as we know it; today, it is recognized among fashion connoisseurs and people of exquisite taste. (Yes, we’d judge you if you don’t like speedy)

Fun fact: Louis Vuitton once crafted a tailor-made Speedy Handbag upon the request of Audrey Hepburn.

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What’s so Special about the Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag?

This famous Louis Vuitton classic bag can breathe life into any outfit and make a strong impression on the lookers. Some people have claimed it to be one of the most purchased bags in history, and we can’t deny its popularity even today. However, it’s associated with the cult classic tag for a reason.

Speedy Comes in Different Sizes

What’s better than bags that are available in all sizes? Speedy comes in 25 and 30cm for people who want to have them smaller, but they also come in 40 and 45cm for the big bag lovers.

Different Materials and Styles in the Speedy Bag

Back in the day, Speedy bags came in only one iconic design, but as time passed, different variants of this bag were made, and now you can have several different options. For instance, if someone is into the lighter checkered design, they can go for Damier Azur, whereas the iconic bag lovers love Monogram Canvas and Damien Ebere designs. Which one would you pick?

Silhouette of Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

One can easily spot a Speedy bag because its silhouette hasn’t changed a bit since its release. Why should it? It’s Speedy for a reason, and we love it the way it is! However, it is said that the Boston Bag inspired the design. However, the latter is slightly different in terms of built and structure and hence, doesn’t ooze the same vibes. (We are team Speedy!)

About the Inside!

The material used inside the Speedy bags is mostly Canvas. However, microfiber is also used in many of the bags. Therefore, the feel and color can differ; and only a dedicated bag lover can differentiate between the types of materials and colors they use inside.


Apart from the side pockets, it has a zipper pocket inside the bag if you want to keep your smaller essentials somewhere to separate them from the rest.

Louis Vuitton Speedy in Damier Azur

The one we have our eyes on is the Speedy 30 with Damien Azur Canvas. Most of us love it because of its elegant and compact appearance. It’s ideal for the golden girls and women who live in big cities where life is much faster. The idea is to carry this spacious bag anywhere you want because it offers functionality and endless style.

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