16 March, 2022

We’re lost in the Noughties Nostalgia with Denim

If there’s anything a person can get attached to, it’s your favorite denim piece or maybe your go-to starbucks drink. And it doesn’t matter if it’s your jeans or evergreen skirt, denim holds a place in our hearts no matter what happens to the fashion world.

Denims have always been there one way or another; take the 1980’s for example, where midistyled skirts were a huge hit, so much so that we couldn’t see a fashion world without them. Then came the noughties when denims rose to power again with Paris Hilton-esque mini-skirts. Just a few years later, we could see the longer ones ruling the roads of hollywood. Quite the nostalgia, right? We still remember how Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake pulled off a double-denim look on the red carpet in 2001. Time surely flies, doesn’t it?

Although the denim trend has been coming in patches but truth be told, we were yet to see a full blown storm of denims until now when we spotted several celebrities such as Dakota Johnson and Kendall Jenner acing the style with full throttle.

Our Stylists have rounded up a list of all the hot ‘n top denim pieces that will roar noughties glory once again.

Gucci Women’s Light Blue GG Jacquard Denim Jacket

Gucci has always been creating designs that have garnered cult following among millennials but this time Gen-Z’s are keen on pulling off this noughties denim trend. With this Jacquard denim jacket, be sure to give a rocking street style look. Pro tip? Complete your look with a fresh pair of coordinating jeans!

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Miu Miu Women’s Blue Denim Mary Jane Pumps

When denims were introduced the first time, who would’ve thought we could sport them in the form of pumps? Miu Miu and many others have intricately designed these denim pumps that have the right texture and color to make anyone drool from these nostalgic pumps.

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Prada Denim Playsuit

It’s your work time and you’ve no idea what to wear- that’s where this Prada’s playsuit comes in with the right denim hues. Made from the finest cotton, the blue playsuit comes with an oversized cut with snap buttons. To top it all off, it’s logo-emblazoned patch gives a finishing touch to this denim bad boy!

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Self-Portrait Denim Crop Top

It’s the transitioning season and the best time to wear crop-tops. This one in particular has all the right cuts and silhouette that wraps your frame in the most apt way. It’s sculptural neckline will go nicely if you wear the matching mini-skirt.

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Dolce & Gabbana Beatrice Medium Denim Tote

Toting around town with a causal flow has never been more fun than with this denim tote that oozes the perfect streetstyle aura that everyone’s looking for. The shades of blue can take us to a nostalgic dream if we keep looking at it!

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Balenciaga City’s Denim Baseball Cap

It doesn’t matter if you’re into denims or not, this cap is a sure-fire hit that will remind of the big apple every time you wear it. On top of that, you’re going to look effortlessly stylish and sporty! Let’s give it a try!

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