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02 March, 2022

The Mini-skirt Trend is still the Celebrity’s Fave- We have proof!

It’s the dawn of a new era and we’re looking forward to a year full of bold, bright and spicy fashion trends such as the one that saw runways getting juiced up by swanky bralettes as tops. Nietzens think it’s probably because people were caged in their homes for the last two years and it has developed a desire to express their fashionista side more boldly. While we agree that the time of sweats and cereals did help us reflect on our approaches to fashion and life in general, wearing bold and beautiful, wearing bralettes with mini-skirts did make us feel like we’re meeting old friends again. (Brownie points for those toned flashy legs you’ll be showing!)

Whether you talk about the Y2K trend or preppy aesthetic one, we’ve seen several trends that have been aced by celebrities and social media influencers, and mini-skirts definitely helped them re-emerge with their bold and brash touch! How? Because you’ve got a lot of room to play with when it comes to mini-skirts. Different celebrities pull up mini-skirts differently. For instance, Dua Lipa came out showcasing her purple skirt and shimmering green top at Milan Fashion Week ’22 and let’s admit her catwalk did mesmerize everyone sitting in the front rows who could experience the glistening impact. While being sparkly was her pick for the day, Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Bieber and Olivia Rodrigo chose to flaunt their mini-skirts differently on different occasions. And mind we say it, they were equally mesmerizing!

Since this hot and new mini-skirt trend isn’t going to die down anytime soon, it’s the perfect time of the year to rock them. If you’re facing a what-to-wear dilemma, we have narrowed down some of the it-pieces for different categories so that you can sail smoothly this season in style and carry the city-girl vibe like anything!

1. Be a Floral Dream!

Low Classic Floral-print Mini-skirt

Imagine wearing a mini-skirt with a floral print and you’re strolling on the streets like a breath of fresh air. Quite a sight right? Such is the impact of these classic floral mini-dress!

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Zimmerman’s Floral Pattern Mini-skirt

This skirt signifies the romantic aesthetic of the vintage era. We love it because from its print to silhouette, everything ticks the right boxes of delicate charm.

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2. Camouflage it!

Dolce and Gabbana Leopard-print Mini-skirt

We’ve all seen the impact of the animal print trend that made a wild noise at the start of this year. What’s better than donning a mini-skirt from the house of Dolce and Gabbana to give a high-class ethos to your fashionable dream!

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Dolce and Gabbana Crystal Embellished Mini-skirt

Want to have opulence in your look? Add an oomph of glamor in your look by donning this mini-skirt that is embellished with crystals. We like the fun and creative touch that has been given to this gorgeous mini-skirt.

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3. Add a Luster of leather!

Saint Laurent’s Iridescent Mini-skirt

A mini-skirt that shines is the one that catches all the eye-balls and this one from Saint Laurent strikes the right balance of color and shine. We’re particularly loving the purple touch that further lifts the style up a notch!

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Nanushka’s High-waisted Leather Mini-skirt

Environmental friendly and chic? This high waisted mini-skirt has been processed with finest faux leather and looks classy when worn with a faux leather jacket and the boots!

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4. Go Bold and Beautiful!

Area Draped Mini-skirt

Standing out has never been so easy as this Area’s draped mini-skirt highlights the boldness and brings out a fashionista inside of you! More? The fuschia hues and crystal embellishments are making us drool!

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AZ Factory Switch-wear Duchesse Skirt

Aiming to go with something more vibrant? Why not go all yellow and lift your game up with boldness with a coordinating mini-skirt. There’s one rule that’s been followed by many in the fashion world: The bolder, the better!

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Moschino’s Teddy-bear Patch Mini-skirt

Bearing the signature teddy patch, this mini-skirt has got the Y2K essence that will bring back the 2000’s in style. Apart from that, it fits you nicely as if it’s tailored only for you!

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5. Preppy Aesthetic!

Burberry Vintage Check Kilt

How many times have you seen the city girls wearing these chic ‘n preppy kilts? It’s your time to ooze a city-girl impact with this Burberry’s beauty. Best thing about this kilt is it’s a vintage piece that can also be worn for your punk attire.

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Thom Browne Logo-patch Pleated Mini-skirt

Straight out of the school or straight out of the court? You can prep up your look with this Thom Browne’s classic mini-skirt. It has got the edge of preppiness along with the silhouette that turns heads!

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Vetements Pleated Wool Mini-skirt

We can’t have enough of the preppiness as this year, the fashion world has seen the height of trend that is going to last for ages. Same is the case with this wool mini-skirt that is going to be an it-piece even after a few years down the road.

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6. Dose of Sparkle

Paco Rabanne Circular-discs Mini-skirt

If you’re looking for a perfect party mini-skirt, say no more! This one from the house of Paco Rabanne allows you to express a sparkly side of you in style with a mirror effect and an asymmetric design. It’s a want!

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Rotate Asymmetric Embellished Mini-skirt

Not too big on extra sparkle? Try beads and have this black fitted mini-skirt do the talking but with utmost sophistication and poise. Like it?

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