Trending: Ballet Core Aesthetic is a Hollywood Latest Trend

The new trend is blowing out of TikTok and proving to be the ideal way to express hyper-femininity. Although ballet’s core trend comes from the aesthetics of ballet culture, you don’t necessarily need to be a dancer to follow this Hollywood-inspired trend. All you need is ballet-oriented textures, styles, fabrics, and structures to bring a ballet girl out of you. 

We have seen many mood board aesthetic trends on Pinterest, such as the dark academia trend, preppy aesthetic, etc. This time we’re seeing a surge in the bale core direction that’s not appearing on Pinterest only but on other social media platforms. Even influencers are donning this trend like anything. 
Dressing like ballet isn’t something that the world hasn’t seen before; if you go back to 2006 when Step Up hit the theaters, we got our breath taken away by the performance of Jenna Dewan, who personified a ballet girl immaculately. We didn’t think anyone else could have done a better job. Why did we think it was an exceptional performance? The fact that she wasn’t just an embodiment of a ballet dancer who did the trick, on other occasions, she was an equally good hip-hop dancer makes perfect sense when we say the new ballet core trend isn’t just for ballet dancers. You don’t need to be a dancer to be inspired by the movement.

But what does the Balletcore Aesthetic Trend include?

Since the focus is entirely on bringing the ballet aesthetic to life, we guess you can try anything from Tulle, Taffeta, and Bodysuit to leg warmers, ballet shoes, etc. 

As seen in the TV show Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney wore a balletic blue cardigan in her portrayal of Cassie Howard.

Our stylists have undergone research to look into ballet trends, and they have come up with these pieces that will let you embody the ballet character perfectly:

Elle Mini Dress by Katie May

Want to spruce up your ballet look with something versatile? You’re in for a tulle way! The fabric of this super adorable dress makes you feel light like a feather which is what being a ballet is all about.

Max Mara’s Orlogi Taffeta Midi-dress

Carrying a perfect ballet look is nothing short of an artistic display, and the more you play with the style, the more chance you have to pull off the look with perfection. This brings us to a stunning midi-dress with an asymmetric hem and a ruched design that tells a devastatingly romantic story.

The Row MM Elastic Ballet Flats

What’s better than flats that are all about the dancing ballets? However, you don’t need to be a dancer to pull off these gorgeous elastic flats. Just slip into them for an authentic ballet feel!

Ruffled Asymmetric Tulle Top

Let’s try something ruched and go for a top that brings out the ballet in the most accurate form. You have the option to wear leg warmers with this brilliantly crafted ruffled tulle top. 

 Lemlem Lena Ballet Style One Piece

Reminiscent of a swimsuit, this ballet wear is the perfect answer for anyone looking to embody the ballet character. What we love about this beautiful piece is that it comes in pink!

Comme Des Garçons Noir Kei Ninomiya Ballet Corset Midi-dress

We’ve got something sandy in the world of ballet core! This beige and sandy-colored midi dress has all the right ingredients to pull off the look you’re going for! 

Zeeshan Amjad

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