The New Preppy-aesthetic is the Style-statement of the year!

Thanks to Blair Waldorf and the ladies of the upper east side, plaids and everything preppy have gotten a big comeback. Let’s say ‘Hello’ to the trend of tailored clothing once again in the world of sugar, spice and everything in between (in Kristen Bell’s voice). Surely, the dressing is inspired from the Ivies and northeastern fashion but truth be told, you don’t have to be from Harvard or Stanford to rock this preppy trend. However, we’re not denying the fact that Ivies are the best places to get prestigious garments (and great education, ofcourse).

How can you playfully carry a preppy look?

Yes, we’re definitely thinking of the polos and blazers but this fashion statement can be styled in any way, be it your everyday accessories and more. You can even give it a Yankee twist and pop some prep that way. Ain’t got time for all the fuss? Get a well-knitted sweater and drape it around your shoulders like Gigi Hadid did in her sexy sporty look! In short, anything that’s crisp, polished and put together in a sophisticated way, qualifies for a preppy outfit. Yes you’ve got a lot of room to experiment here.

While you’re preparing your wardrobe this year, you can playfully add a preppy touch, something timeless yet aesthetic. That’s where we come in to help you out on this journey by picking out stuff that’s majestically prep!

Saint Laurent Navy Jacquard Tartan Cardigan

If you’ve ever watched a high-school tv drama, you probably have seen the social butterflies and it-girls wearing one of these cardigans that define preppiness. It has got a perfect checked pattern that justifies a classy outfit!

Thames MMXX Navy Knit Logo Vest

Talk about the trendy vests that ooze ultimate sophistication in the world of ivies, this perfectly knit vest has got everyone drooling for! Having a sleeveless style and embroidered red on the chest, it’s got the preppy appeal everyone wants!

Thom Browne White Dropped Back Pleated Mini Skirt

We were wondering when the skirts would make the list! Once you’ve slipped into the cardigans, you can go all out with the preppiness by sporting this dropped back pleated mini skirt that you can even wear for your tennis sessions. We all know how spunky those tennis skirts can be!

Saint Laurent Tartan Pattern Niki Bag

Looking to add some preppy playfulness in your ensemble? Let this Pattern Niki bag be your best friend for the year. It comes with a palette of bright tones for an eye-catching appeal.

Bottega Veneta Intreccio Jacquard Bucket Hat

If you’re a prep junkie, you can’t really miss out on this green treat! The tonal pattern throughout the hat is really catchy and would definitely give off a very youthful appeal for all the Gen-z. Let the green pop!

Emilio Pucci’s Abstract Print Headband

Want to give a finishing touch with some preppiness? This headband with an abstract print has the key to make your bad hair day turn aesthetic. Like the sound of that?

Gucci’s Reversible Beige & Black Wool Short Sleeve

What’s more fascinating than a signature Gucci dress oozing the preppiness? It’s a legit ivy standard material that is bound to impress. What’s great about this sleeveless dress is the pattern that’s surely going to make your look stand-out. Go one step further and rock it with coordinating shoes!

Whether you’re the lover of dark academia, old money or country club, this trend is a sure-fit hit for this year and our collection is not going to disappoint!

In case you need our assistance with prepping you up, contact us and let our personalized shoppers help you redefine ultimate preppiness!

Bushra Taimur

With an MBA and work experience in the financial sector, Bushra brings strong analytical, project management, inter- personal & relationship building skills to the table. With a decade long experience in the fashion industry, she is focused on making Haute Secret Shoppers into a fashion giant whilst building great relationships along the way. For collaborations, you can reach out to her at