6 Features That Makes Louis Vuitton Mini Dauphine Our Bag Of The Month!

Louis Vuitton’s iconic bags like the Speedy and Neverfull are classic darlings, but there’s a whole runway world where they cook up fresh designs. Those seasonal stunners? Yep, they’re as tempting as the OGs. Picture the Spring 2019 gig – Louis Vuitton was on fire with some seriously rad new bags. We took a spin with the Mini Luggage Bag, and now, get ready for a sneak peek at another star from that series: the Mini Dauphine Bag in the slick Bicolor Taurillon Leather. Trust me, it’s pure fashion magic!

The Story Behind Louis Vuitton Mini Dauphine Bag

Louis Vuitton Mini Dauphine Bag
Credits: Louis Vuitton

You know, the Mini Dauphine Bag doesn’t scream flashy, but it’s those subtle touches that turn this petite wonder into a head-turner. In the Spring-Summer 2019 scene, Nicolas Ghesquière went all shrink-ray on the Dauphine Bag, originally unleashed during Cruise 2019. And guess what? The Dauphine’s roots trace back to a 1976 gem, proving that vintage-inspired beauties are here to stay. While the bigger monogram canvas sibling stole the spotlight this spring, our focus zoomed in on this drop-dead gorgeous all-leather bicolor mini. Trust me, it’s a jaw-dropper!

Louis Vuitton Mini Dauphine Bag
Credits: Louis Vuitton

Features Of Louis Vuitton Dauphine Mini Bag!

1. Taurillon Leather Elegance

Step into the world of opulence with the Mini Dauphine Bag’s Taurillon leather, a tantalizing blend of smooth grain that beckons your touch. Adding an extra layer of finesse, the smooth calfskin trim graces its edges, infusing a refined texture to its luxurious appeal.

2. Structured Versatility

Catch a glimpse of elegance in structure as the Mini Dauphine Bag showcases its sleek and poised form. A ballet of style and practicality unfolds as the smooth leather exterior allows for seamless movement, ensuring that slipping in and out of your essentials is a graceful affair.

3. Smart Storage Space

Louis Vuitton Mini Dauphine Bag
Credits: Louis Vuitton

Peek inside the Mini Dauphine Bag to discover its ingenious storage. From your smartphone to a slim card case, sunglasses in a slender pouch, and a pack of gum—there’s room for life’s little pleasures. Unveil the organized oasis where miscellaneous treasures find their home.

4. Luxurious Interiors

A touch of indulgence awaits within the Mini Dauphine Bag’s depths. The black micro-suede lining cradles your belongings with a sense of refinement. Engage with thoughtfulness as you explore the slit pocket, designed for convenient access, and two interior compartments, your partners in organization.

5. Chic Closure

Louis Vuitton Mini Dauphine Bag
Credits: Louis Vuitton

The Mini Dauphine Bag whispers elegance with its shiny magnetic LV lock closure. Simple yet arresting, this closure adds an exclamation point to the bag’s aesthetic, a nod to sophistication through minimalism.

6. Convertible Comfort

Adaptability takes center stage as the Mini Dauphine Bag’s shoulder strap proves its mettle. Whether you choose to lengthen, shorten, or altogether detach it, this bag embodies the art of flexibility, transforming effortlessly to match your ensemble and mood.


Experience compact allure with dimensions of 7.9″ L x 5.9″ H x 3.5″ D. The Mini Dauphine Bag encapsulates petite charm that’s tailor-made for life on the go, capturing both style and practicality within its perfectly-proportioned frame.

Price Of Louis Vuitton Mini Dauphine Bag

Mini Dauphine Bag’s touch of Louis Vuitton sophistication is unmatched so when it comes to price you will find different prices online.However, if you’re ready to purchase this bag, the price can start anywhere from $3700 to , and it’s available for purchase through Louis Vuitton.

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