23 February, 2021

The One Trend That Instagram’s Best Influencers Love!

Being into fashion can be exhausting. Those of you, who like us, love to research may come across a ton of resources to filter through. Top amongst them are Instagrams fashion influencers. Brands swear by them and we love them for giving us fashion inspiration 24/7.

After sifting through the whole barrage of fashion resources at our disposal, we noticed top influencers from Leonie Hanne to Chiara Ferragni wearing this one piece that looked super chic. No,it’s not as easily noticeable as a designer bag or shoes. It’s printed tights! Yes, they are subtle yet very impactful when worn with the right accessories.

The most popular choice amongst the fashion influencers was definately the logo printed tights. From Chanel to Gucci and Fendi, they worked those monogrammed tights like a charm. While the Chanel logo is small, Fendi goes all out with it’s big FF logo to create a bold statement.

There were many more printed tights trends to follow with celebs and influencers both wearing bold statement pieces. Checkered tights give a more fun and playful look overall. We spotted lips on one and it was pretty quirky. For inspiration and to see these pictures of influencers, head to our Instagram account to see how to style your printed tights.


As a wardrobe item, they are a good investment. Depending on the print you’re going for, they can add a hint of glamour or quirk to the whole look. There are many ways to style printed tights too. Wear them under a monochrome dress with boots, or a mini skirt and pumps, add them under your playsuit… the possibilities are endless. We have curated the best of all printed tights below, so just pick a favourite and hit add to cart. You’ll be thanking us later when that perfect Instagram picture rolls out 💯

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