20 September, 2021

Shearling Accessories Will Be The Hero Of Your Winter Wardrobe

If you were contemplating buying the Hermés Oran shearling slides, now is a great time as ever. Shearling has slowly crept into our wardrobe and made a room for itself.

This years Fall/Winter runways saw some cosy updates to some of our favourite designer accessories. This cemented shearlings spot in the limelight and as a hero piece in our winter wardrobe too. It makes perfect sense to incorporate it in your cold weather outfits – it’s cosy, instantly makes you feel much more comfortable & is popular with luxury brands too.

Earlier this year we saw Rihanna, Hailey Biebs and others wearing shearling jackets and we’ll come to that in due time but today is all about lifting your look by adding shearling accessories.

We’ve mentioned the Oran shearling sandals, and by now you’ll know they’re available in some yummy colors if you want to move away from the usual beige color. Other cosy slippers that you can lounge all day, everyday in are the Chloé Woody shearling lined ones and even the Gucci shearling pair. Both look oh so cosy, and all we need is a comfy shawl and a cuppa to really make most of Fall/Winter. The Gucci pair has the Gucci monogram right at the front and is in a slightly pointed toe design. It’s best to be worn at home with a cool pair of pj’s. The Chloé Woody pair is more versatile in that it features black suede and a grip sole with the logo printed all around. The whole Woody collection has a chic flavour and these slippers serve just that while oozing warmth.

credits: Net-A-Portal

Raise your hand if you’re a Le Chiquito girl! It’s never too late to become one as Jacquemus’ Fall/Winter ‘21 line has some cool shearling pieces but we have our eyes on the Le Chiquito bag trimmed in shearling. Yes, Instagrams hottest mini bag really had a winter makeover worthy of the season. Get your hands on it before it’s everywhere. It’s linked below to make things easy for you! If mini’s aren’t your game, don’t fret, the other gamechanger in the world of luxury fashion has also introduced shearling to it’s accessories. You guessed it, we’re talking about none other than Bottega Veneta and their huge green shearling tote that is anything but ordinary. The green color that is now synonymous with the brand has our vote. Both these bags are vibrant which is what we love. It seems like neutrals will take a backseat this season and color will reign supreme. We’re touching the tip of the iceberg though, we have lots of cosy shearling pieces that you don’t want to miss out on before they become too mainstream. Shop below!

credits: Net-A-Portal
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