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24 March, 2022

Ramadan Fashion: 5 Designers on our Radar for Dressing in Ramadan

It’s our favorite month of the year that comes with a very fresh and peaceful vibe. However, there are some hindrances we face during this time and we’re not just talking about the physical aspects. Believe it or not, how people carry themselves during this month is one way to express your love and respect for this Holy month. Especially during the day time when choosing the right outfit can prove to be an ordeal task especially when you have to step out of the house to buy your favorite Ramadan groceries.

Effortlessly pulling off an outfit during Ramadan is the name of the game and we dig those people who painlessly choose their favorite outfit and radiate love and peace.

For ones who are unsure about what could highlight their modesty and optimism without going too extra, have a look at our curated list of outfits that will breathe peace and harmony in the air. Doesn’t that sound very ramadan-like?

5 Designers on our Radar for Ramadan Dressing

1. Vampire Wife

After the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton pulled off a cool-girl dress from the house of Vampire Wife, everyone wants to look strikingly good as our royal grace. And it wasn’t the only time; she has been spotted wearing brand’s clothes on many occasions such as the emerald green falconetti dress. The latest iterations of Vampire Wife has some of the house’s most desired outfits and in this scenario, would do pretty well for any iftar party or your day-time strolls to the supermarket.

The Night Tremors Flocked Maxi Dress

Want to amp up the outdoor iftar party with your besties? This maxi dress allows you to glam the night up with tulle patterns and flocked florals. (Tip: Go with the low-bun)

Spooky Rose-print Crepe Kaftan

Florally functional is the term we would use to define this dress because it has all the right elements that make up a perfect day-time dress. There is no better feeling than taking a shower and slipping into a floral dress while you walk out to your balcony and have the sun kiss you. (If that’s all halal?)

2. Emilio Pucci

Art and glamor when amalgamated together stupendously, Emilio Pucci’s craft takes place and this time of the year when everyone’s looking for something versatile, we wouldn’t mind putting this artisanary designer brand in the list. It takes its inspiration from the 50’s when art had a meaning and such clothes would become a part of their identity. 

Printed Organic Cotton Voile Kaftan

Make an impact with swirls and bright hues all day long whether you step out of the house in the day time to grab the essentials of the month. We love the fact that this kaftan dress is purely made from the finest organic cotton that layers over your skin nicely. Express the artistic side of you this season!

Floral Print Silk Twill Kaftan Dress

It’s the season of florals and let’s make the most of it by donning the most breathtaking dresses like this one from Emilio Pucci. The orange hues on this dress will make you look bold and beautiful in the most effortless way.

V-neckline Giallo Print Silk Kaftan

Not too keen on being too creative and having too many colors on you? This smooth silk beauty presents a spot-on answer to your low-key glam as it focuses more on looking fresh and eclectic. 

3. Taller Marmo 
If anyone knows the art of turning vintage into modern, its Taller Marmo. Undoubtedly, they are one of the best in the fashion scene when it comes to expressing the essence of the 60’s and 70’s. 

Mrs. Hall Open Back Fringed Crepe Kaftan

Nothing speaks of freshness than this kaftan dress with elegant drapes. What we dig most about this piece is the high neckline which gives off a very chic yet modest appeal. It’s perfect for your daytime look when you need something bright and simple. 

Mrs Hall Open-back Velvet Devore Kaftan Dress

Would you call this velvet dress a perfect night-time staple? It’s maximalist concept will make any iftar party burst with good energy. On top of that, the metallic embellishments speak of the lady-like elegance that is a must on lively nights.

Huston Backless Balloon-sleeve Crepe Jumpsuit

Top to bottom glam would be the right term to describe this gorgeous balloon-sleeve beauty. We picked this dress particularly because of its bold and yellow look. 

4. La Vie Style House

We’ve seen a lot of designers showcasing impeccable work through their collections but what differentiates La Vie Style House from many giants is how they approach their art and craft. They instill the element of playfulness in their work so that your outfits don’t speak of the monotonous language but rather lets you tap into the fun-loving and energetic side. Yes, we need this one during this Ramadan!

Stand Collar leaf-mini-dress

This vibrant mini-dress would be the go-to dress of many, especially when things are going to be hot and humid. We absolutely fancy the easy-breezy vibe of this mini-dress that comes with flared sleeves and mini-hem. We want it!

No.897 Guipure-lace Kaftan

All the fuchsia pink lovers would be stoked to get this beauty! Why? Other than its ideal color tone, it has the right amount of cutouts and goes well with the voluminous sleeves. We love the airy flow going on with this one!

Floral Sequined Net Kaftan

What better sight there is than looking at florals when they come in sequins? It’s a big want among fashionistas and people in general who want to add an oomph of playful glam to floral look. It simply expresses an epitome of optimism.

5. Louisa Parris

If someone wants to add a pop of color and a creative touch in their look, Louisa Parris dresses would do a fine job in making sure you highlight your most vibrant self. Owing to their abstract concepts, we’ve included them in the list. 

The Formentera Abstract-print Silk Dress

We’re all deep down polka dot lovers, let’s admit? It’s time to express your colorful side with this silk dress that not only has the perfect balance of colors but most importantly, the overall care-free vibe of this dress makes it the ultimate ramadan dress.

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