Is Loewe Paseo Bag The Most Sold Out Bag Among Influencers?

Everyone’s wondering if Loewe Paseo Bag is going to make it the year’s top It-bags!

Considering the hype that is surrounded by Loewe Paseo bag, it won’t be surprising if it becomes bag of the year. Case in point? As we eagerly embrace the arrival of Loewe’s Paseo bag, there’s a familiar name that commands our attention – Taylor Russell. The starlet, adorned in an Anthurium plant-themed top, leads the campaign with a grace that mirrors the bag’s own elegance. And that is one hell of a sight!

loewe paseo bag
Credits: Loewe

Taylor Russell, the actress who single-handedly transformed jeans into red-carpet staples, is now extending her endorsement to the Paseo bag. It’s a seal of approval that leaves no room for doubt – the Paseo bag has officially earned its place as a must-have for ‘it girls’ everywhere.

What Makes Loewe Paseo Bag Distinct?

loewe paseo bag
Credits: Loewe

Credits: LOEWE

1. It’s Zipper Says ‘Unzip Me’

The Paseo bag’s zipper closure isn’t just a practical necessity; it’s like the grand opening of a fashion show, unveiling the suede-lined interior and gilded branding for the world to see.

2. Pleat Perfection

Nestled between two soft pleat details, the bag’s exterior is a canvas of subtle sophistication. It’s as if fashion met origami and decided to have a chic party.

3. Knot Just Any Straps

 Loewe’s signature Flamenco knots are like the fashionable equivalent of a bowtie. They elegantly tie up the ends of the adjustable straps, offering you the choice of carrying the bag by hand or flaunting it in clutch style.

4. Chain of Stylish Vibes

loewe paseo bag
Credits: Loewe

Credits: LOEWE

If you thought a gold chain strap was just for practicality, think again. In some Paseo bag styles, it’s there to sprinkle some extra stylish vibes, making you feel like a walking fashion statement.

5. Easy To Style

And for those who love versatility, you can easily transform it into a chic shoulder bag with the detachable leather strap that comes along with this accessory. It’s all about adapting to your style, whether you’re in the mood for a handheld look or ready to conquer the day with a stylish over-the-shoulder statement. The Paseo bag offers you the freedom to switch things up and make it your own.

6. Comes In Different Sizes

When it comes to the Paseo, Loewe has us covered in the size department. There’s the small, the not-so-small (which we’d like to call medium, just to keep things interesting), and then, for those who like to go big or go home, the XL, because, why not make a statement?

7. Colors To Die For

And let’s not forget about the palette of tasteful colors, just waiting to add a pop of personality to your life. From the vibrant apple green to the captivating magenta, and of course, the timeless classic black and soft white. It’s like choosing your outfit for the day, but even better – you get to pick the perfect Paseo to match your mood. All of these fabulous options are just a click away on Loewe’s website.

Is Price Of Loewe Paseo Bag Fair?

It’s price can range anywhere from $2800-4000 and it’s available at our partners around 2900 GBP. However, when it comes to whether the price is fair or not, Well, it’s all about perspective and priorities. While some might see it as a significant investment, others view it as a reflection of the bag’s exceptional craftsmanship, luxury materials, and the prestige associated with owning a Loewe piece.

Consider what you value in a handbag – is it the quality, the brand, the design, or all of the above? If the Paseo aligns with your style and preferences and fits your budget comfortably, then it might be worth the splurge. It’s not just a bag; it’s a statement piece, a symbol of taste and style.

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