Love At First Sight: Why Gucci 1961 Jackie Raffia Bag Is Our Latest Crush?

It’s the ultimate beach-to-street companion! 

Credits: GUCCI

Brace yourselves for what has come because Gucci has done it again, but the twist is much more fun and elegant this time! What they’ve done is they’ve picked the best-selling iconic 1961 Jackie Bag and given it an irresistible twist that we always fantasized about. And NGL, it has us weak at the knees. 

The Raffia Revolution in Gucci Jackie Bag!

But what’s new in this one? Of course, we’re talking about the newly infused raffia fabric, not just your ordinary raffia material. This one has a natural and textured appeal intricately blended into the house’s iconic bag. But that’s not what drives us crazy about this new item.

Credits: GUCCI

3 Irresistible Advantages Gucci Raffia Bag Brings!

While this new Gucci raffia bag has several benefits in your wardrobe, let us highlight some that may entice you more into buying this beauty!

It’s Extremely Lightweight!

Yes, you heard it correctly! It’s time to say adios to carrying the heavy tote or handbags that make your shoulder or arms give up and make a fresh start with the lightest of the Gucci bags, aka the Gucci 1961 Raffia bag.

Beach To Streets Companion!

Whether strolling through the city streets or dancing on the beach day or night, this featherlight beauty will be your chicest companion, especially for the summer and the transitioning season, offering style and companionship on your journey. 

Iconic Style

It’s not a surprise that Gucci wouldn’t let go of its iconic design that includes a curved silhouette and recognizable horse-bit detailing. Now imagine it’s blended with the raffia material, and there you go! A bag of your dreams!

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