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11 May, 2022

Forecast: 4 Fashion Trends that are Ruling this Summer 2022

Some of us might argue that we’re still in the midst of the spring season but truth be told, nature is already giving us the warm nights and days. And there are different ways to deal with the summer heat; one way is to find an escape in a vacay and the other is to refresh your spring wardrobe. You’ll get plenty of ideas for both if you look into TikTok and Instagram. When it comes to sprucing up your wardrobe, instagram feeds are filled with ideas. In this blog, we have boiled down the hottest fashion trends that are defining summer 2022.

We’re not just talking about Leonie Hannie’s bold and beautiful attires this season, we’re seeing fresh trends that are being aced by numerous other social media influencers from everywhere around the world.

Fashion Trends this Summer 2022

Here’s a list of trends that our fashion forecasters have picked up in the last few weeks and we thought to share them with you to save you from wardrobe blunders and help you stay abreast!

1. Halter Top Domination
We’re all in for a bit of nostalgia and the halter top trend will bring exactly that! This time, we’ve noticed that this y2k fashion trend is coming with full force.

2. Care-free Flatforms
There are a few reasons why we think the flatform trend is here to stay and it will be seen everywhere this summer. You can wear them in a wide range of styles from sneakers to espadrilles and more.

3. Flow like a Floral Dream
Everyone wants to ooze optimism and freshness which is why the floral trend has been in full bloom since last year and there’s no stopping this trend from taking over the summer fashion scene 2022.

4. Coastal Grandmother Trend

This trend has been blowing up on TikTok and other social media platforms and for a very good reason. At first it was Nancy Myers, now Anne Hathway and other social media influencers are donning the coastal grandmother look too.

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