‘Feral Girl’ Fashion for Summer is Going Viral on TikTok!

Summer has finally arrived, bringing all kinds of clothes in trend. If you’re a fashion blogger or a social media influencer, you must be wondering what kind of statement you want to make this year’s summer. But a lot has changed since 2019, and we’re no longer the people we were pre-covid era. Our taste in clothes and fashion sense has changed. And most importantly, we have started prioritizing our comfort over everything. (Thanks to the lockdown days)

What is the ‘Feral Girl’ Summer Trend?

Let’s keep this simple and understand what makes you a ‘feral girl.’ It’s not related to the ‘that girl’ trend that surfaced years ago; neither is it associated with the ‘hot girl summer’ trend. This trend, however, is all about not caring enough about the consequences and just going with the flow. You can say the ‘feral girl’ is the younger sister of the ‘hot girl,’ a wilder and youthful sibling that prefers to be effortlessly sexy. The founder of Feral Club rat, Mollie Fraser, has described it as a trend that allows you to go out and have fun without worrying about anything. We say she’s done a pretty good job of starting a trend we fashionistas needed this time of the year. 

feral girl viral tiktoker
Credits: Instagram (mollie_fraser)

5 Outfits that Justify ‘Feral Girl’ Fashion for Summer 2022

Our editors have looked into the stock to list outfits in line with the latest feral girl fashion for summer this year. Let’s take a look at them!

versace printer twill and denim cropped bra top

Versace Printed Twill & Denim Cropped Bra Top

What’s the harm in letting loose and donning something edgy for a change? This Versace twill bra top perfectly answers the trend blowing up on TikTok and social media. You can pair this bra with your favorite denim and be young, wild, and accessible.

alessandra rich printed silk crepe bustier top

Alessandra Rich Printed Silk Crepe Bustier Top

A bit of maximalism might be all you need to pull off the ‘feral girl’ summer aesthetic, and this bustier top serves as the item to make it easy for you. Wear this top with black pants and hit the party next door!

gima guas bestia striped knitted viscose top

Gima Guas Bestia Striped Knitted Viscose Top

Did anyone say ‘Beach party? This viscose top is ideal for ladies heading to beaches and letting themselves lose in the moment. Apart from putting this dress on, make sure you throw your black shades or sunglasses on for a chicer appeal!

zimmermann aneke printed silk wide pants

Zimmermann Aneke Printed Silk Wide Pants

If you want to feel relaxed and still have a pretty good time, we suggest these Zimmerman’s pants that offer extra elasticity and comfort for all-day partying. Put them on and forget everything else!

marine serre royal moon knit viscose blend pants

Marine Serre Royal Moon Knit Viscose Blend Pants

Are you someone who likes printed patterns? A versatile item from Marine Serre brings a black and shades of pink pattern for you to bring a separate statement to the party. With such comfy pants, you can wear anything, from crop tops to a bra top. 

Want to be the next ‘Feral Girl’ this summer? Speak to our shoppers and avail a personalized service to meet your summer style needs!

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