Kick it High With Alexander McQueen High Top Sneakers!

Buying sneakers that suit your feet is like buying a car based on their features and design. Like cars, the sneaker may look too thick or stuffy, but as you learn about their specifications, they grow on you. Alexander McQueen is one of the most celebrated brands known for the high craftsmanship of sneakers. Especially when it comes to their high-top sneakers, they are loved by fashionistas all over the world as they provide an extra top that touches your ankle. 

Alexander McQueen’s Sneaker Supremacy!

Apart from the fact that Alexander McQueen holds a reputation as one of the quality sneaker-makers in the world, what distinguishes their brand is the original blend of silhouettes and contemporary designs that have a costume-looking aesthetic. Especially in the months full of fashion events and other festivals, the highly modern and funky designs of McQueen sneakers may serve the needs of fashion freaks. Case in point? Jennifer Lopez was spotted a few times wearing the white sneakers from McQueen, and she’s not the only one. The fashion world’s favorite, Katie Holmes, has also been obsessed with the white McQueen Sneakers.

Why High Top Sneakers Ruling The Fashion Shoe Industry?

That is a very interesting question that has been floated around quite often when fashion moguls are sitting together. Our stylists think the high-top factor appeals to the optimistic ones who want to achieve significance and strive globally. Previously, they were worn mainly by athletes and jocks, but now it doesn’t matter whether you associate yourself with the Sheldon Cooper aesthetic or Tim Burton style; these sneakers are for everyone. However, you’d tilt more towards Alexander Mcqueen high-top sneakers because of their products’ dark and gothic essence. If you like the twist in your fashion statements, McQueen’s designs won’t be too shabby.

8 Alexander McQueen High Top Sneakers You Need This Season!

Considering the high demand for Alexander McQueen high-top sneakers, our editors have rounded up a list of sneakers for both men and women. Let’s take a look:

Women’s Tread Slick Boot By Alexander McQueen

Inspired by the mushroom sprint spores, this one-of-a-kind pair of McQueen sneakers is our favorite. This chunky pair has a tread rubber sole with an optimal road grip for your street-style fashion statements.

Women’s McQueen’s Graffiti Knit Tread Slick Boot

Are you a slickster who wants to stay ahead in the street-style fashion game? We’d put our bets on these graffiti-tread slick boots. Wear them with your favorite pair of denim jeans or pants for a chic statement. 

Men’s Deck Plimsoll High Top in Black

The beauty of these plimsoll high-top sneakers lies in their rubber sole, which is chunky and made of high-quality rubber. Apart from that, its round toe shape is loved by our stylists. They can be paired with your trousers, sweatpants, or denim pants. 

Women’s High Top Plimsoll Sneakers in White

For all the minimalist women out there, these all-white beauties will help you make a crisp fashion statement for fall. It has a high-top deck that looks super cool, and it’s finished with a suede heel counter. Sounds good? Let’s try them!

Men’s Water Color Graffiti Tread Slick Boot in Multicolor

These oversized graffiti sneakers aren’t your typical sneakers with a low-top style and smaller heels. They’ve got everything you need to elevate your style statement for the season while ensuring you feel confident.

Men’s Tread Slick Boots in White

Are you sneakerheads in need of a graffiti touch on white? Let’s have your needs met with these sweet and slick babies with a tread slick style. They are ideal for you to hit the streets anywhere. Take them out for a spin!

Men’s McQueen Graffiti Tread Slick Boots

With all the graffiti boots out there, we love these because of their detailed, textured rubber wrap and signature tonal style. With a round-toe foot, it will be very comfortable for fashionistas!

Men’s Tread Slick Multi-Colored Boots

These multicolored beauties are for all men who want to add colors to their lives. What better way to do that than putting on these slick boots and taking them for the roads this season? You’re on!

Liked this high-top Alexander McQueen sneakers? Talk to our secret shoppers and have yours booked for the season!

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