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19 April, 2022

5 Puffy Sandals that are a Must-have for Summertime Bash this Year!

Summer time vibes are on fleek which means that it’s going to be much hotter in the coming days. With heat, the sweaty experience is a must; therefore, you will need to find ways to cool off with some summer sandals and enjoy breezy summer vacations to the fullest.

While most of you have said goodbyes to your UGG and shearling sandals, many of you must still find it challenging to buy cool and easy-to-breathe sandals and beat the summer heats. But what kind of slippers or sandals should you go for? Yes, Flip-flops can work wonders when you feel like stepping out of the house to buy your groceries but there’s more to what these summers have to offer. Slip-ons and pool-ready styles are a few others that will definitely take care of your summer style game while making sure your feet don’t sweat like a pig. In this blog, we’re going to dig in to find out what will make your summer bash easy and breezy.

Our stylists have rounded up a list of summer apt sandals that will make you feel like you’re stepping on the clouds and dreams!

Christian Louboutin Briotonga Braided Leather Flip-flops

Fancy something that you can carry for all summer long with a neat look? These bright whites come in with chunky braids and the square toes for good floor grip. What we adore about these bright beauties is the fact that they can be paired with anything, be it your favorite maxi dress or a midi-dress!

JW Anderson Chain Twist Leather Sandals

Who wouldn’t like the black sandals with the chicest twist? Taking care of your comfort game, these leather sandals are a mood for every fashionista this season and we love it. It’s almost heavenly to slip into these padded leather shoes and feel the softest cushion ever!

Emilio Pucci Printed Slides

Want to add a pop of color to your summer outfit? These printed leather slides are here to stay all season long and make your style game effortless and brazen. The barely-there square toed heels and the lustrous upper fibers are what these shoes are all about!

Miu Miu Padden Woven Leather Sandals

Want to take comfort to another level without losing the touch of elegance? Let’s tap into the world of padded elements and have the perfect cushion to end your comfort worries in style. On top of everything, the blocked heels are a major deal-breaker here!

Off-white Padded Leather Slides

Who’s up for the big bows on the toes? The hot ‘n pink padded leather slides are breaking into the summer scene with all the right specifications and transport you to a fun state of mind. It’s a definite must-have!

Dries Van Noten Padded Leather Sandals
Want to turn up the volume this summer when it comes to your style statement? Do it with these puffy padded leather sandals. The rule is simple; bigger the puff, softer the cushion. And we can’t agree more!

Jil Sander Padded Leather Sandals

With great sandals, comes great responsibility! What this means is, you will need to carry the sandals effortlessly and make sure it goes well with your outfit. Good news is, these padded leather sandals from the house of Jil Sander have everything you need to pull off a glamorous look while keeping the comfort game in check. On top of that, it blends in with every outfit you wear!

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