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28 December, 2021

Tips to Declutter your wardrobe & Style Expert’s 6 Essentials for 2022

Sprucing up your wardrobe can be an uphill task especially if your clothes are all over the place. You can’t even find your fav items at times in all the mess, and all that hassle can sometimes spoil your mood. (It’s a nightmare for sure!)

If you’re going through something similar, ask yourself questions like, “How many pairs of jeans would be enough? Will you ever wear the sweater you wore 5 years ago? These are the light-bulb questions you might want to answer. 

The process of decluttering can definitely make you go on a guilt-trip or have you all regretful but the trick is to be ruthless for the time being and focus on organising your wardrobe for a fashionable future. Our style experts present a list of tips and essentials that can refresh your wardrobe for good!

Tip #1: Take everything out & sort them!

Yes, it is that simple! Just take out all your clothes and place them in categories based on their age, use and fitting. (You can add your own parameters here.)

Tip #2: Set a limit for your outfits

This one is the deal-breaker! Our stylists recommend that you choose a set number of hangers in your closet for each category and be very particular about what you want to keep or discard.

Tip #3: Keep a track for space-takers

Space-takers are the clothes that aren’t worn in a long time yet they still hold a place in your current wardrobe; identify them and shoot to kill! (Just like that!)

Tip #4: Separate your fav staples!

This one’s easy! And there’s no better feeling than meeting your fav buddies (or clothes) and giving them a special treat. Sort them separately so that you avoid future style-stumpers!

Tip #5: Update your wardrobe with the season’s hottest!

Last but not the least, updating your wardrobe with new items is one of the most important steps that can give life to your wardrobe and make sure you’re far away from major style setbacks!
 While we’re doing a major chop-chop for 2022, our style experts have rounded up some of the hottest essentials that can not only spruce up your wardrobe but most importantly, take your glam game to the next level.

1. Logo-embroidered Long Sleeve Shirt by Victoria Beckham!


Bend it like Beckham, they say! This aesthetic piece signifies the essence of Victoria Beckham’s brand and elevates your posh game along with much needed comfort.

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2. Self-portrait Cropped Straight-Legged Jeans

Our second in line is the contemporary piece y’all must have as a permanent fixture in your wardrobe mix. Why? Duh! Who doesn’t love straight-leg jeans with a high rise silhouette? It’s a thing of the present and everyone loves it!

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3. Balmain’s Double Breasted Blazer


Admit it! You were wondering when we’re going to mention Balmain’s signature blazer! You weren’t wrong to think this one will always stay in fashion, as it has been for a long time. It’s classic design oozes the quintessential element of the vintage fashion that dominated the fashion world in the past. Coming in with a signature style and gold-tone buttons, you’re in for some major breakthrough!

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4. Salvatore Ferragamo’s Vara Bow Patent Leather Pumps

Want to bring elegance to the feet? What’s better than these black leather pumps that feature a vara bow in a highly sophisticated way? This one’s a must-have and goes with most of the pieces. 

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  1. Jackie Bag 1961 Small Shoulder Bag

We’re not surprised that this iconic bag of heritage and style made the cut! This one specifically is a revamped version of the original Jackie Bag and gives a hint of contemporary when you wear it with your dress!

Require expert advice? Our stylists are here to provide you a hassle-free Personalized Chanel Hand Bags experience for this season!

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