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16 August, 2021

Square Toed Mules or Strappy Sandals? The Shoe Trends That Have Taken Instagram By Storm

The fashion trends this summer are the gifts that keep on giving. We started the summer high with candy coloured bags, raffia accessories and strappy + square toed mules. The Instagram takeover of all of these trends has been phenomenal. Whether it’s luxury brands leveraging Instagram more and more each year by involving famous influencers and bloggers for marketing or simply a result of organic growth, we can’t stop seeing these trends on our feeds. We already did a blog on the strappy (or barely-there) sandals and square toed mules at the beginning of spring but even we couldn’t have predicted the huge spike in celebs, bloggers and influencers endorsing them. You might have one of each style, both or neither. We’re here to show you the latest offerings that have created a furor and how you can shop them right now with just a few clicks

The nude or barely-there sandals are an ode to the 90’s. They represent minimal fashion in a sleek and sexy manner. The thin straps and elevated heel are great for perking up your regular wardrobe pieces. Add a fun pedi and you have a winning formula to nail this shoe trend!

How to style them? Wear them with slip or short dresses and skirts and they will add to the sensual look. Wear them with ripped mom jeans and a tank and you’re ready for a lunch look chic as ever. We have great options for you to shop including the bestseller Bottega Veneta barely there sandals that everyone loves!


The square toed mules are so versatile. We’ve seen them in PVC to raffia and each one has our heart. That’s what a good design can do to you – it just works with everything and in every material. Add the leather pieces to your workwear & the fun candy coloured PVC ones to your casuals. They will transform your look and give a much more trendier and fresh vibe. We’re currently obsessed with the neon, triangular-heeled pieces by the Attico which are unmissable. If you’re looking for that one standout piece, choose the Attico. The design is fresh, young, fun and runway-esque. We’re going to sign off with the thought that you need to invest in atleast one of each as they are selling fast and hot on the ‘gram and elsewhere! Happy shopping x

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