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08 July, 2022

The resurgence of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Fendi Baguette! (Not a Bag)

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It’s been more than two decades since Sarah Jessica Parker wore the famous Fendi Baguette for the first time; the rest is history. Although we’re seeing a revival of this bag this year, technically, the bag was always there owing to its cult following and celebrity-approved status. Apart from the purple sequined baguette, the likeness of fashionistas for the Fendi Baguette vintage isn’t secret to anyone.

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Credits: Vogue

“It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette,”-Carrie Bradshaw

Who has worn the Fendi Baguette in recent times?

Several celebrities and social media influencers have carried the iconic Fendi baguette; Emma Roberts, Zendaya, and Leonie Hanne are notable users of the bag. However, the latter is taking this iconic trend forward when it comes to the purple sequined bag. 

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Credit: Instagram Leonie Hanne

The Reboot of 1999/2000’s Fendi Baguette!

All the fans of ‘Sex and The City must be stoked to discover that their favorite baguette has been reimagined with a different color. But how did this happen? It almost seems unreal and nostalgic that Fendi reached out to Sarah Jessica Parker to co-design this iconic bag last year. This one comes in pink and is laced with fuchsia 3D sequins and the signature Fendi FF logo.

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Credit: Instagram And Just Like That… Costumes
purple handbag

Baguette Purple sequined bag

Iconic medium Baguette bag, with delicate, finely embroidered all-over with purple sequins of different shapes and sizes, creates a 3D effect and is decorated with an FF clasp. This style is a re-release of the original version first introduced in the Autumn/Winter 1999-2000 Collection.

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