Go Tokyo Drift With Moto & Racing Jackets For Women!

Ever since Paris Fashion Week happened, the trend for motor and racing jackets has risen. Thanks to Hailey Bieber for reinforcing this. Our stylist picked up this trend when it wasn’t hyped around it, but she knew something was coming our way, and it would be immense. The fashion epiphany proved right as racing jackets are topping the trend charts this season. 

Racing Jackets Are Celebrity-Approved!

From Hailey Baldwin Bieber to Bella Hadid, racing jackets have been donned by every fashionista globally. The trend has blown out of proportion as many jackets have gone out of stock due to a massive increase in demand, courtesy of celebrities and social media influencers who can’t stop obsessing over these relaxed and daring leather jackets. 

Bella Hadid

Credit: Instagram

Let’s take a look at our favorite rockstar Dua Lipa how she has switched on the Tokyo Drift mode to step into the fall season. 

Here are some of the other influencers who have perfected the biker or racing jacket looks:

Camille Charriere

Credit: Instagram

Hailey Bieber

Credit: Instagram

6 Coolest Racing Jackets For Women in 2022

As mentioned, brands like Ferrari and Philipp Plein sold many leather jackets this fall, leading to a shortage of jackets, but our team has managed to pick the coolest ones just for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at them!

Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini printed faux-leather jacket.

This printed faux-leather jacket is inspired by street art and graffiti. The concept has been beautifully incorporated into the jackets thanks to the designers. Pair it with your favorite black pants when you step out!

Jacob Lee Leather Jacket

Are you need an authentic biker racing jacket to ooze ultimate swag this winter? Try this leather jacket from Jacob Lee and create a badass winter look.

Dolce & Gabbana Studded Leather Jacket

Who wants to try something daring and extra cool? If you can handle the extra swagger, we present you with this studded leather jacket that will change your vibe and make you appear more confident.

Philipp Plein Logo Color-block Jacket

One of the finest and straight out-of-the-house Philipp Plein, this color-blocking leather jacket has the true essence of a racing jacket that will help you achieve the desired look. Pair this jacket with your leather pants for more impact.

Kim Shui Cropped Moto Leather Jacket

One of our favorites, this moto leather jacket can be worn when you’re all set to go out at night, whether on your racing bike or in your car. The vehicle doesn’t matter; the vibe does!

Ferrari Logo Plaque Leather Jacket

What’s red and ultra excellent? This leather jacket has arrived from the house Ferrari! It has the ultimate racing vibe you need to feel fast & furious this season.

Talk to our secret shoppers and avail a personalized shopping experience to go total Tokyo Drift this season!

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