Elevating Your Look with Old Money Aesthetic Men: Essential Wardrobe & Accessories [2024/2025]

When it comes to fashion aesthetics, we’ve seen several trends like cottage-core, barbie core aesthetic, preppy style, coastal grandmother, and many more dominate the fashion world. However, one that is blowing up on our social media feeds in 2024/2025 is none other than old money men aesthetic, which has gotten over one billion views. 

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I. What is Old Money?

Old money exists everywhere, whether you live in the US or the United Kingdom; however, different geographical regions have different aesthetics for old money. For instance, when we talk about the US old money culture, it captures the lifestyle adopted by great families like Vanderbilt, Rothschild, Dupont, Rockefeller, etc. Furthermore, if you want to delve deeper into the old money culture, you will find out that many vintage old Hollywood movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s also showcase this rich and upperclassmen culture that is considered alluring. 

What is Old Money Aesthetic Men?

It’s one of those trends hugely popular among fashionistas worldwide, and we’re not talking about the influencers only; the TikTok users have been posting videos wearing rich person clothes to boast generational wealth. Young men are indeed turning to the loafered and chintz-upholstered looks of old-money aesthetics for the revival of vintage fashion.

It includes men and women who have incorporated the old American rich lifestyle into their fashion statements. Case in point? If you have seen TV shows like Gossip Girl and Elite, you must have seen how guys like Chuck Bass, Nathaniel Vanderbilt, and Guzmán carry themselves when dressing up.

The old-money aesthetic of men’s outfits mainly involves shades of beige, cream and white, and baby blue in the style statement. However, it’s not limited to that palette; since old money aesthetic is the subculture of preppy style, you will also see several Men Knit Crew-neck Sweaters in cream, white, and navy color on Pinterest. Moreover, men who are immaculately tailored and spruced up their looks with muted colors, expensive watches, and sunglasses show their old-money aesthetic side. 

II. Characteristics of Old Money-Style Men

  • Clothes: No fads here. Think classic cuts, clean lines, and neutral colors that never go out of style. Invest in a few well-made pieces that fit you great, like navy suits, crisp cotton shirts, and comfy chinos. Quality over quantity is key!
  • Look: Effortless cool is the vibe. Clothes fit well, everything’s clean and sharp, but it all seems natural, not fussy. Think “put together without trying too hard.”
  • Confidence: Quiet confidence is the secret sauce. No need to brag, you just know your worth and carry yourself with dignity.
  • Lifestyle: Old money style is about enjoying the finer things, but without showing off. Think sailing, horseback riding, or catching a show – experiences over flashy possessions.

III. Building an Old Money Style Wardrobe for Men: A Guide to Timeless Elegance

The “old money” aesthetic embodies a sense of understated luxury, quality craftsmanship, and effortless sophistication. It’s not about flashy trends, but rather classic pieces that exude quiet confidence and stand the test of time. Here’s your guide to building an old money wardrobe:

A. Foundation of Quality:

  • Invest in Fabrics: Focus on natural, high-quality materials that drape well and improve with age. Think merino wool, crisp cotton, luxurious cashmere, and genuine leather.
  • Tailoring is King: A well-tailored garment elevates any look. Invest in tailoring for suits, dress shirts, and trousers to ensure a perfect fit that flatters your body type.
  • Classic Cuts: Opt for timeless silhouettes that never go out of style. Regular-fit trousers, single-breasted suits with slightly wider lapels, and button-down shirts with clean lines are your staples.

B. Essential Pieces:

  • Suits: Navy, charcoal, and grey are your core suit colors. Invest in a versatile navy suit as your go-to for work and formal occasions. Consider a brown or olive green suit for a touch of personality.
  • Dress Shirts: Build a collection of white, light blue, and light pink dress shirts in crisp cotton. Opt for subtle patterns like stripes or gingham for a bit of variation.
  • Trousers: Chinos in khaki and navy are perfect for casual settings. Wool trousers in similar colors offer a more dressed-up option. Dark denim is acceptable, but avoid overly distressed jeans.
  • Outerwear: A classic trench coat in beige or navy is a timeless investment. Invest in a well-made peacoat or a cashmere overcoat for colder weather. A leather bomber jacket adds a touch of casual elegance.

C. Footwear:

  • Dress Shoes/Mules: Invest in a pair of well-made brown or black Oxford shoes for formal occasions. Derby shoes offer a slightly less formal option. Mules in brown or leather are perfect for casual wear. Explore best mules for men in 2024/2025
  • Boots: Chelsea boots in brown or black leather are incredibly versatile. Chukka boots add a touch of rugged sophistication.

D. The Finishing Touches:

  • Accessories: Keep it simple and elegant. A classic leather watch, a silk tie with a subtle pattern, and a timeless pair of cufflinks elevate your look.
  • Minimal Jewelry: Stick to a simple wedding band or a signet ring. Avoid chunky or overly flashy jewelry.
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Create Old Money Aesthetic Men’s Outfits With These Items in 2024-2025!

Our expert editors have pulled out these super elegant items for men to appear wealthy and classy. Let’s take a look at them!

Loro Piana Dark Brown Leather Loafers

If you’re a lover of old money style, these loafers might fit your wardrobe nicely as they come with a vintage style that will transport you to the yachts and mansions. They are Italian-made and have a fine leather finish.

Brunello Cucinelli White Tuxedo Shirt

Without whites, your old money-style statement is not complete. Try this tuxedo beauty from the brand that masters vintage dressing. It is tailored to fit your frame and make you look like a wealthy man from the upstate. Interested?

Brunello Cucinelli Water Resistant Tech Jacket

What’s more chic and classy than a reversible tech jacket? It’s highly functional and checks all the boxes of old money style. Pair it with your Khaaki cotton pants and a preppy sweater for a complete look.

Loro Piana Torino Cashmere Alpaca Storm coat

Are you looking for a coat that serves as a perfect body warmer while making you look polished? This storm system coat from Loro Piana has all the ingredients, including one breasted welt pocket coupled with a rich man’s essence. 

Loro Piana Crewneck Cashmere Sweater

Nothing screams old money more than a ribbed sweater that comes in midnight green color and has a collar that speaks only sophistication. You can pair it with your white shirt and cotton pants for a complete look.

Loro Piana Cashmere Scarf

Are you done dressing up for your homecoming? Throw in this cashmere scarf from Loro Piana for a touch of elegance and poise. 

Loro Piana Whitney cotton jersey blend joggers

There is no doubt that these joggers are ideal for people who want to present themselves as men of class and status. They go with your dress shirts and preppy sweaters for a chic look!

Polo Ralph Lauren Short Sleeve Sweater

This Polo Ralph sweater has the iteration of preppy that we love, and both men and women can rock this sleeve style effortlessly. This one is for men who want it with a sporty vintage vibe.

Polo Ralph Lauren White Sleeve Sweater

With a sweater like this, you can choose from many styling options. On top of that, the wool blend will be a perfect body warmer for the season. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Anchor Stretch cotton Shirt

This white shade won’t go out of fashion, that is for sure. We’ve seen similar shirts being worn by famous and influential men all over the world. Why not taste the height of sophistication yourself?

Loro Piana City Leisure Bucket Hat

Take this bucket hat for a stylish finish if you’re traveling with friends. Take it off as you please, and have a styling option up your sleeve.

Giorgio Armani Logo Embroidery Cotton Polo

If you want to boost your old-money aesthetic lifestyle, polo clothing is part of the game, and you can take your style game up a notch with this cotton polo shirt with major Armani vibes.

Brunello Cucinelli Suede Espadrille Loafers

The Italian artisans craft these suede espadrille loafers with their sheer brilliance and an old-money touch. They are perfect for casual and formal attires, ready to be paired with anything. 

IV. The Aesthetic of Old Money Style Men: Beyond the Clothes [2024/2025]

Old money style goes beyond just the clothes you wear; it’s a complete aesthetic that embodies a certain attitude and way of life. Here’s a deeper dive into the essence of old money style for men:

A. Confidence & Effortless Sophistication:

  • Quiet Confidence: Old money style isn’t about flashy displays of wealth or seeking attention. It’s about a quiet self-assurance that comes from knowing your worth and carrying yourself with dignity.
  • Effortless Elegance: There’s an air of nonchalance to old money style. The clothes fit perfectly, everything is well-maintained, but it appears effortless, as if the wearer doesn’t have to try too hard to look good.

B. Understated Luxury & Heritage:

  • Quality Over Quantity: Old money style prioritizes quality craftsmanship and timeless design over fleeting trends. It’s about owning a few, well-made pieces that will last for years.
  • Heritage Brands & Tailoring: Favoring heritage brands with a long history and impeccable tailoring speaks volumes. These pieces tell a story of tradition and appreciation for quality.

C. Timeless & Classic Look:

  • Focus on Neutrals: A neutral color palette forms the foundation of old money style. Think navy, grey, beige, brown, and white. Pops of color can be introduced through accessories or a patterned shirt, but the overall look remains classic and understated.
  • Minimalist & Clean Lines: Avoid overly busy patterns or loud colors. Old money style leans towards clean lines, simple silhouettes, and timeless cuts that never go out of fashion.

D. Refined Manners & Activities:

  • Gracious Demeanor: Good manners and social graces are a key part of the old money aesthetic. Holding doors open, using proper etiquette, and displaying consideration for others go a long way.
  • Leisurely Pursuits: Old money style evokes a sense of leisure and refined taste. Think indulging in classic activities like sailing, horseback riding, or attending cultural events like the opera or art exhibits.

E. Confidence in Your Own Skin:

  • Self-Assurance: Old money style isn’t about following trends or trying to impress others. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and confident in your own taste.
  • Understated Wealth: True wealth is often understated. Old money style avoids flaunting possessions or excessive displays of luxury. It’s about quiet confidence and a focus on experiences and quality over just material things.

V. Old Money Style: Grooming for the Win

Looking sharp isn’t just about fancy suits, it’s about taking care of yourself. Here’s how to nail the classic, put-together vibe:

  • Shower Up: This one’s a no-brainer. Freshness is key. Keep your face clean-shaven or your beard trimmed.
  • Skincare Basics: Washing, moisturizing, and protecting your skin from the sun goes a long way. Healthy skin makes you look naturally polished.
  • Hair That Works: Choose a hairstyle that’s easy to manage and looks good, like a side part, slicked-back hair, or a short, clean cut. Use good shampoo and conditioner to keep it healthy, and get regular trims to stay sharp.
  • Smell Good, Not Loud: Pick a classic cologne that’s not overpowering. Think woodsy scents, citrus blends, or light florals. A little goes a long way, so don’t drench yourself.
  • Clean Nails: Keep them trimmed and neat. Skip the crazy nail art and long talons. A clear coat or buff adds a touch of polish.
  • Less is More with Jewelry: A nice watch and maybe a signet ring are all you need. Avoid wearing too much stuff that can look flashy.


  • Taking care of yourself is an everyday thing. It’s not a one-time deal.
  • Invest in a few high-quality products that work for you. Don’t go overboard.
  • Confidence is your best accessory. Feeling good about yourself shows.

Unfortunately, I can’t access the content of the specific blog post you linked due to privacy restrictions. However, based on the title “Old Money Aesthetic Men’s Outfits” and my knowledge of the topic, here are some FAQs that might be relevant:

General FAQs: Old Money Men Fashion 2024/2025

  • What is the “Old Money” aesthetic for men?

The Old Money aesthetic focuses on timeless style, quality pieces, and understated luxury. It emphasizes classic cuts, neutral colors, and well-tailored garments that never go out of fashion

  • What kind of suits should I wear for an Old Money look?

Navy, charcoal, and grey single-breasted suits with slightly wider lapels are classic choices.

  • What kind of shirts should I wear?

Focus on crisp cotton shirts in white, light blue, and light pink. Opt for subtle patterns like stripes or gingham for a bit of variation.

  • What are the best pants for Old Money style?

Chinos in khaki and navy are perfect for casual settings. Wool trousers in similar colors offer a more dressed-up option. Dark denim is acceptable, but avoid overly distressed jeans.

  • How can I achieve the Old Money aesthetic on a budget?

Look for classic pieces at thrift stores or during sales. Invest in tailoring to ensure a perfect fit, which can elevate even simpler garments.

  • What kind of haircut complements the Old Money aesthetic?

Timeless styles like side parts, slicked-back hair, or short, tapered cuts work well.

  • What kind of grooming is important for Old Money style?

Maintain good hygiene, invest in a basic skincare routine, and keep your hair neat. Avoid excessive jewelry and cologne.

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