23 May, 2022

Night Luxe Aesthetic Trend Going Viral is a Total Vibe Shift

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While scrolling through the social media feed, you must have seen sparkly clothes or LBD with embellishments having a disco vibe scenario. That ladies and gentlemen defines the very essence of the night luxe trend and it’s going viral in 2022. When was it first spotted and where? It has been around for quite some time now but recently, the fashion forecasters have witnessed a storm coming from TikTok and it’s taking over Instagram as well.

Let’s get into the specifics and define what can be classified as ‘Night Luxe’! First thing that serves as a strong ingredient to this trend is the element of sparkle, coupled with champagne, chandeliers and everything chic. You’d even see some of the social media influencers taking blinged out pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. Infact, just recently we have spotted Hailey Bieber with a perfect night luxe look and having an element of sparkle in her look!

However, there’s one good thing about donning the ‘Night Luxe’ aesthetic look; you don’t necessarily need to wear everything sparkly. Even if you’re wearing a sexy LBD and want to add a touch of sparkle with earrings and a bag, you’re still making the look work!

Night Luxe Aesthetic Inspired Pieces to Rock the Trend

Our expert stylists have rounded up a list of dresses that speak opulence and luxury at their full potential!

Harmony Crystal Slip Dress

Looking at this fine piece of dress, we can tell this crystal slip dress is going to fetch endless compliments. Coming in silver chainmail color, we believe in bling and everything chic and this slip dress delivers just that.

Lotto Top Dodo Bar Or

Whether you want to shift your night luxe game to a day-time disco flow, we suggest you get a hold of this Lotto top outfit to elevate your sparkle game with a sexy twist. Once you wear this beauty, you’ll uplift your confidence and make yourself look glamorous!

Alexa Skirt Dodo Bar Or

Want to take your coordination game to the next level with the help of the party-perfect piece? This skirt wraps your waist in the most glitzy manner and makes your curves pop out! We love it!

All Over Crystal Alice HeadBand

Let’s give a finishing allure to your look with the help of something subtle yet glamorous! A headband that is loaded with crystals is something that would work perfectly fine if your goal is to stand out and sparkle your way to the party!

Venue Earrings

What’s one thing that can make you look prepped up but doesn’t take a lot of effort? It’s these venue earrings that have a quick back closure and a sparkle that would outshine you in the party!

Cult Gaia’s Hera Mini Shoulder bag

Add this sparkly beauty to your nighttime disco ball look and make a city girl impact on the lookers! Sounds good? Being one of the top fashion retailers, Cult Gaia knows exactly what would make people swoon and this time it has come with an eye-catching crystal bag!

Liked any of these night luxe trend inspired pieces? Talk to our expert stylists and avail a personalized shopping experience.

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