Go Breezy & Beautiful With Cotton Kaftans For Women This Ramadan!

As we inch towards one of the holiest seasons of the year, i.e., Ramadan and the modest vibe it brings, it is necessary to present the cleanest look. And since many people will be fasting during this time, it is important to keep yourself comfortable and wear breathable cotton fabrics that layer on your skin nicely. This is where cotton kaftans come in – they are the perfect garment for Ramadan, as they are breathable, comfortable, and stylish. 

How To Style Cotton Kaftans For Women In 2023 Ramadan?

  1. Daytime Wear

There are many options when it comes to styling cotton kaftans for Ramadan. Opt for a solid-colored kaftan in light fabric, such as cotton or linen, for daytime wear. Pair it with loose trousers or comfy leggings for added coverage and comfort. Add a pair of sandals or slip-on shoes for a relaxed yet stylish look. 

  1. Evening Wear

For evening events, choose a cotton kaftan with intricate embroidery or beading. Pair it with a statement necklace and strappy heels for a more formal look. You can also add a belt to cinch your waist and create a more fitted silhouette.

For those who follow modest fashion, cotton kaftans are a great option. They provide full coverage while stylish and comfortable, making them ideal for Ramadan. You can pair them with leggings or skinny jeans for added coverage or wear them alone for a more relaxed look. 

  1. Incorporate a Variety Of Colors & Patterns

In terms of color and pattern, there are many options to choose from. Solid colors are a great option for more formal occasions, while brightly colored or printed cotton kaftans are perfect for daytime wear. Embroidery and beading can add elegance and sophistication to a cotton kaftan, making it suitable for evening events. 

  1. Fit & Style Options

When choosing a cotton kaftan, it’s important to consider the fit and style. Some styles are loose and flowing, while others are more fitted and tailored. The length and neckline can also vary, with options ranging from mini to maxi length and from V-neck to round neck. The key is finding a style that flatters your figure and reflects your taste.

7 Breathable Cotton Kaftans For a Relaxing Ramadan!

When you must embrace modesty and style, Cotton kaftans for women can be their safest and chicest bet!

Image Credit: Farfetch

Rick Owens Draped Cotton Kaftan 

Ideal for fancy outings this Ramadan, this draped-styled cotton kaftan will bring out the best in you!

Image Credit: Farfetch

Stella McCartney Floral Print Organic

Going floral in a kaftan is the ideal way to look like a dream that is all about positivity!

Image Credit: Farfetch

Valentino V-gold Denim Kaftan

If you want to twist yourself and still cover your body to the maximum, try this denim kaftan crafted from the finest cotton. 

Image Credit: Farfetch

VOZ Copihue Mantan Kaftan

If minimalism is your jam, incorporate whites most stylishly as this VOZ Mantan kaftan does!

Image Credit: Farfetch

Missoni Chevron Kaftan

Some like stripes, and some like zig-zag, but we like the later on this Chevron kaftan from Missoni!

Image Credit: Farfetch

Ganni Striped Kaftan

Talking about stripes, here’s what you should look like for this Ramadan season!

Image Credit: Farfetch

Bambah Draped Kaftan Long Dress

If you like bold purple colors and want to cover your body properly, here’s the draped and long kaftan dress for every occasion

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