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26 July, 2021

Why We’re Loving The New Valentino Shoe Collection

Who can forget the frenzy that Valentino Garavani’s Rockstud pumps caused? Everyone wanted them. Pretty soon everyone got them & they were such a big deal. There were re-creations, inspirations and even replications of that popular design because it was THAT good. The design house really knows it’s way around a woman’s heart. Last year, we saw the Rockstud graduate to a bigger, bolder shape named the Roman stud and we instantly fell in love with all the accessories. The chunky studs on the simple shoe designs had the ability to transform your whole look. So when the new Rockstud Alcove collection came out, we were ready for a big credit card punching. We knew even before we saw the whole collection that we would love it. We were right!

The collection is not feminine in the delicate sense but is a fierce and bold representation of femininity. This time the theme is hardly about minimalism or simplicity. You’ll find glossy patent leather adorned with the ever glamorous Rockstuds and paired with mesh. There are lots of straps, locks and bold red insoles. These are the type of shoes that command attention and will outshine all other accessories you’ll be wearing. We suggest pairing these with monochromes to really make the whole look be about the shoes.


In constrast to these bold & sensual pieces, there are also the broderie anglaise leather sandals that feature the VLogo plaque. These shoes will work great for when you have a busy day but still want to add a touch of style and elegance to your look. They definitely exude a softer touch and blend well with everyday wear including office wear. If you’ll be heading back to work soon, pick up a pair of these and you’ll be looking forward to dressing up everyday!


Lastly, how can we forget the simple design and powerful impact of roman studs? You can spot them from a mile away and they have become loved by celebrities and fashionistas. From the strappy flats for easy movement to the block heeled sandals, there’s a piece here for every occasion on your social calender. The colors range from neutrals to muted pastels. They can also be easily incorporated into your new workwear wardrobe or even smart casuals for the remaining summer. The blooming sandals by Valentino are just as iconic but probably not as fluid as the rest of the collection. You’ll need to pair these with simpler pieces to avoid too many strong themes clashing. Having said that, they are the prettiest little pair! The big bloom instantly draws your attention and will look chic at summer gatherings. Pair with your skirts and dresses for that cute summer look.

By now, you’ll be pretty intrigued so we’ll leave you to it. The amazing Valentino new seaon shoes are linked below. Simply click and add to cart and get an outfit ready till they arrive! Happy shopping 🛍

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