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02 July, 2021

What’s Your Take On The Printed Jeans Trend : Yay or Nay?

Printed jeans are the latest denim trend being seen on models, fashion girls and A-list celebs. It’s time we discuss our options and get some great pieces ready before the trend completely takes over Instagram. Speaking of which, who else thinks Instagram has become their morning paper? We’re not complaining though. It’s a colorful insight into what the who’s who of the fashion world are wearing. We’ve been excited about all the good things happening to our Spring/Summer wardrobe so far. To recap: candy colored bags, cut-out tops and dresses, PVC sandals, and most recently basket bags. All of these additions have been fun and a breath of fresh air after track pants and sweats. It’s time to see if this new trend on the block will live up to it’s predecessors. We’ve been spotting quite a few celebs wearing printed jeans from Gwen Stefani to Khloe Kardashian. They’re not afraid to experiment and have chosen bold prints and colors. At this point, we’re not a hundred percent sure if this is a trend for everyone. So, we’re asking you to help us decide and give us your verdict. Are printed jeans a trend you’ll be seen in? There are so many choices from cow print jeans to abstract swirl printed ones! If you’re still on the fence about it, the pieces linked at the end will make up your mind.

The variety in choice definitely means more experimentation and styling options. There are the ever-popular animal prints. We’ve seen quite a few influencers working zebra print jeans and leopard print jeans on Instagram. All you basically need are monotone tops/crop tops to balance the print and you’re good to go. The animal print ones in particular are so vibrant and out-there that you need very little to style them. Having said that, animal print jeans aren’t for everyone. You can choose which prints work for you e.g cow print jeans may not be everyones cup of tea. Another popular choice is the abstract printed jeans. It’s reminiscent of the tie-dye trend that everyone loved! You can go bold – choose a bright top and add bohemian accessories. We love a fun pair by Stella McCartney that’s linked at the end of the blog.

It’s really on point for summer and would pair great with summer colors.


Hailey Beiber showed us how to rock logo printed jeans in 2018 with her Verace matching separates. We’re seeing a promising rise in logo prints everywhere and jeans aren’t far behind. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know how popular logo prints are. We think if you choose to pick just one piece from this trend, let it be logo printed jeans. Why? Well they blend in with another popular trend and won’t be too “experimental”. This way you won’t feel like you’re trying out something too new. We’ve linked a great Burberry pair and it’s uber trendy. The TB logo print can be seen all over the blue jeans and it will be fun to style.


Are you tilting towards a particular style now or is it still an idea you’ll think about? We do a poll on out Instagram stories where we feature tricky trends and let you decide the verdict. Go to our page and see let us know what you really think! After doing all the research and picking out some hot pieces for you, we’re really into the jeans now. From the popular choices, we’d go with the logo print and snake print jeans. They give a variety and are also easy to style. The snake print will definitely match a shoe or bag we already own! Happy shopping

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