What to Wear – Add color to your fall neutrals

This fall, earthy tones in monochromatic fashion are taking center stage, but if you aren’t careful, you might have a dull overall look. So how can you retain that deep color glow and not look lifeless? We’ve got the answer in this What to Wear edit for you!
Choose a neutral you feel more this season; pick from soft whites, camel beiges, or stone greys. Don’t delay contacting our stylist for a Luxury personalized shopping experience.

Next, ensure you choose a one-of-a-kind focus piece. We picked an open wool knit cape by Joseph in a beautiful nickel grey.

So instead of your regular coat, create interest by choosing something with a particular extra.
Luckily Joseph has coordinated several pieces of their winter collection, and you can match lovely pieces like wide knit pants and a high roll neck with this cape. We chose only the high roll neck and paired it with Stouls’ Santa Maria leather miniskirt.

This leather skirt adds texture to the outfit and will help accentuate our pop of color feature; a pair of Paris Texas’s croc-effect leather high boots in a gorgeous jean blue tone.

Adding color in a unique tone helps bring life to the neutral overall feel. You can choose from styles of burgundy, emerald greens, or deep blues for that lil extra. Be careful not to go overboard by matching with the same color bag, so we’ve added Balenciaga’s Python effect hourglass bag, which is slowly becoming a cult favorite. The pack helps retain the monochromatic feel of the outfit but with a shaded twist.

Fold triangular sterling silver hoops in a matching denim blue shade from Bottega Veneta and Poppy Petite Octagonal sunglasses in a blue-to-grey ombre effect will help you bring this whole look together without going overboard with color.

Shop this complete look now by clicking on the images below, or tell us how you are styling your fall neutrals; we love to hear from you!

Hina Maryyum

Hina is the driver behind the global brand’s management and successful infrastructure. With a keen interest across technology and innovation, Hina is a certified investment management analyst by trade and certified style junkie by passion with an impeccable fashion sense. For any queries, you can reach her out to hina.marryum@hautesecretshoppers.com