17 May, 2021

The New Amina Muaddi Collection Has Arrived and We Have Access!

The most sought-after shoes in the luxury world are back! Yes, queen Amina Muaddi has launched her new collection and we are head over heels (pun intended) again. The new collection promises new colors, heel sizes and designs. We’re going to be reviewing the new Amina Muaddi shoes right here so grab your coffee and start reading below ⚡️

To say that this year has seen a jump in candy colored bags and shoes would be an understatement. All major luxury brands are tilting towards brighter palettes and we love how the new Amina’s gel right in. The Begum now comes in lustrous Yellow & Orange satin which will work great for your summer events calender! While the PVC Begum’s were all over Instagram last year, we have a feeling this year the satin slingbacks will rule!


Another great update is the Rosie coming out in an open sandal version (we wish there was one for the Begum too,sigh). For all of you who want to show your summer pedi’s and feel comfortable yet glamorous without the pumps, this is the design to shop! The heel also recieved an upgrade – you can now shop a 65mm heel in the new colors. It’s not however, available in the pyramid style that was previously quite popular. We wonder what prompted the change but nevertheless, they are selling like hot cakes everywhere.


You can shop the chic Amina Muaddi Rosie in White, Green, Nude & a Pink rainbow tint. These fabulous colors are meant to be statement pieces and will definitely be the star of any look you create. The White & Nude leather ones are for the more conservative shoppers, who love to buy pieces that go with most of their wardrobe. We suggest the brighter tones for those who love to stay ahead of current trends and are willing to experiment. We hope the loose slingback issue is resolved this year, because some clients had to shop a size smaller for the fit to be perfect earlier. Though that didn’t stop anyone from buying their favourite Amina’s then and it certainly isn’t stopping them now. The brand is sold out everywhere but your favourite personal shoppers have access to the latest pieces! Get in touch with us right now to shop your favourite shoes from the newest Amina Muaddi collection because these beauties sell out quickly.

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