Fendi First Bag is Becoming the Hottest Accessory

How can you debut by designing a collection previously spearheaded by a legend? When Kim Jones was preparing to create the Fendi F/W ’21 collection, the thought that he had big shoes to fill might’ve sounded like an understatement. Why? Because that task was previously fulfilled by none other than Karl Lagerfeld himself.

When people expected a big bang from Kim Jones to announce his arrival, I’m sure they never thought how gracefully and tastefully he’ll make his mark. There were no big displays, bold colors, or stark contrasts to previous collections. Instead, Jones planned the group around the wearer’s comfort instead of the onlookers.

Feel the luxurious fabric of Fendi’s first bag.

Luxurious fabrics and impeccable tailoring are the true heroes of the F/W ’21 collection. Playing with neutrals: beige, brown, and black, the designer has worked on perfecting the design. The hottest piece from the group we all first saw in February is the Fendi & Me First bag. At first glance, it probably resembles a coin purse your grandmother had.

The Unmissable Oversized F Clasp: A Winning Design Detail

But it’s 2023, and we’re okay with that. The unmissable oversized F clasp makes the design win. It’s a simple take on the house’s logo but it looks contemporary.

Another reason why we love it is because of the neutral palette. Don’t get us wrong, we love our bright mini bags too, but we all need a solid neutral piece that goes with everything ever so often. This collection promises that and more! We’re spoilt for choice with textures ranging from shearling to python and Colored Nappa leather. The size options are medium and small, with some cute nano charm options.

Iconic Multicolor Pouch Bag

The simple pouch design has worked in the last few years, with Bottega Veneta introducing their now-iconic “Oversized Pouch Bag,” which has since come in many colors, original leather textures, and sizes. The Fendi First is an extension of that design, and they made it work with the F clasp at the helm.

brown leather pouch bag

Hold it as a classic clutch, or add the detachable shoulder strap drop for more practicality. The bag has a unique Fendi O’Lock motif chain, adding glamour to the design. Many earrings, chain necklaces, and bag leather straps in the same Fendi O’Lock motif are often adorned with crystals.

The jewelry designs are contemporary, and we would love to add a pair of earrings to our permanent work wardrobe. There’s one last accessory that has all the potential to be its shoe this season. The Fendi First shoes are statement pieces because the heel is in a diagonal F-sculpted shape. A wide Detachable leather shoulder strap drop is accompanied by a thinner one to add more dimension to the shoe.

Style yourself with Fendi First Sandals.

If you’re looking to shop for the piece that will get your eyes on you, we suggest buying the Fendi First sandals. With neutral colors, out-there design, and very chic, they’ve left their mark on some of the biggest influencers in the world. Everything about this collection works, and the bags are selling like hotcakes! You don’t want to miss this chance to get your hands on this coveted piece. Hit the pictures below to shop!

Bushra Taimur

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