The Enchanting Power Of Soft Girl Aesthetic Outfits & How To Style Them!

There have been many aesthetic trends like Coastal Grandmother, cowgirl, barbie-core, and others surfacing on social media platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, and Pinterest. But this year has been unique because our favorite celebrity from Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney, approved the trend we’re about to talk about.

She’s been all about pastel, neutral, and soft colors lately, so we can safely say she brought the soft girl aesthetic back after the y2k era. This Disney-packed aesthetic makes you appear more youthful, enhances your mood, and makes you feel like a princess awaiting her prince charming. 

Credits: @sydney_sweeney

What is the Soft Girl Aesthetic Trend?

First of all, let’s understand what it means to be a soft girl. A beauty that is all about embracing natural femininity and someone who looks like someone who might carry fairy dust is precisely the kind of girl we’re talking about.

Now imagine a soft flush of rosy cheeks and subtle eye makeup beautifully complemented by pastel and neutral tones. Like Sydney Sweeney and Ariana Grande, pick up that lip gloss and have your lips tinted to ensure a youthful appearance that would ooze the feminine radiance.

All of that, combined with a little bit of retro aesthetic and Y2K nostalgia, is what we’d call Soft Girl Aesthetic. One of the critical elements of this style is the use of softer colors that, includes pastels, neutrals, shades of pink, lavender, and sometimes light yellow. We call it a soft girl trend because it creates gentle, soothing visuals for the looker.

How To Accessorize & Style With Soft Girl Aesthetics?

This an excellent question that might help the feminine fashionistas tap into their soft girl aesthetic side. First, you gotta bring in some loose clothing, including floral dresses, skirts, flared jeans, tops, cardigans, and anything that isn’t too bold.

Credits: @rachelteetyler

And make sure all these items are neutral or pastel toned to create a femininely soft impact. Then bring some makeup, particularly gloss, shades, and lip balms. If you want to enhance, your soft girl looks, we recommend you add some faux freckles too. 

Celebrities That Are All About The Soft Girl Aesthetic!

Apart from Margot Robbie, Ariana Grande, and Sydney Sweeney are the poster girls for this soft-core fashion trend. Here are all the celebrities and influencers that have been known for making soft girl statements!

1. Ariana Grande

Credits: @arianagrande

2. Taylor Swift

Credits: @Taylorswift

3. The Nava Rose

Credits: @thenavarose

4. Sydney Sweeney

Credits: @sydney_sweeney

Channel Your Inner  Soft Girl With These Clothes!

This celebrity-approved trend is easy to pull off; here are the items to create soft girl aesthetic outfits!

Self-Portrait Floral Lace Mini Dress

This mini dress is every soft girl’s dream! With its delicate floral lace details, it’s bound to radiate on a sunny day.

Ancient Greek Thais Sandals

These sandals are a true definition of cute and comfy! Slip them on and feel like a soft girl goddess, strolling through a pastel-colored paradise.

MSGM Tweed Cropped Top

Get ready to turn heads with this chic cropped top! The textured tweed fabric adds a touch of fancy to your soft girl vibes, making you feel like a stylish princess.

Chocolate Pleated Check Pattern Mini Skirt

 It’s time to twirl in style! This pleated mini skirt with its adorable check pattern will have you feeling like the cutest ever schoolgirl straight out of a cute anime- a spin-off version of gossip girls.

Versace Slogan Print T-shirt

The vibrant slogan print adds allure to your soft girl look,  and it will let everyone know you’re fiercely adorable. 

Off-White Baggy Flared Jeans

Say hello to your new favorite jeans that you can pair with anything, particularly your soft girl pieces! 

Gucci Screener GG Sneakers

Step up your soft girl shoe game with these iconic sneakers and look like a trendy soft girl from the early 90s.

Alexander McQueen Small Skull Crossbody Bag

The badass crossbody bag is a blend of sweetness and charm with a rebellious

Burberry Mini Lola TB Bag

Featuring the iconic Burberry TB monogram, it’s perfect for carrying your essentials in style while showing off your softer side.

Suzanne Kalan 18kt Yellow Gold Pastel Sapphire Bracelet

Shine bright like a soft girl superstar with this stunningly cute bracelet! Try it and become a part of a whimsical wonderland.

Isabel Marant Flower Print Midi Dress

Bloom and glow with the season’s cutest midi dress! With its playful and romantic design, you’ll feel like a soft and feminine princess dancing in the field of flowers.

Jennifer Behr Gitta Pearl Double Band Headband

Pearlcore and softcore blended together into this headband! Want it?

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