How to Style Baggy Jeans For Women Like a Pro In 2023?

Fashionistas! If you haven’t already heard, baggy jeans are making a comeback in a significant way this year. We’ve previously discussed the grunge aesthetic donned by our fave supermodel, Kate Moss. This time, the focus has shifted towards baggy jeans again, and the grungy and rebellious trend looks promising. So, if you’re wondering how to style your baggy jeans, we have some incredible ways.

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3 Ways To Style Baggy Jeans In 2023?

Firstly, finding the right pair of baggy jeans that flatter your body shape is essential. You want to find a team that’s loose-fitting but not too baggy that it overwhelms your frame. 

  1. Pair It With a Crop Top Like Hailey Bieber!
Credits: Vogue

Pairing baggy jeans with a fitted top is crucial to creating a balanced look. A cropped top or a tucked-in blouse will do the trick. Do it like Hailey Bieber!

  1. Pair Baggy Jeans With a Blazer!
Credits: Vogue

How often have you seen an A-lister wearing baggy jeans and a blazer? Far too many times, right? Whether it’s Kendall Jenner or any 90’s supermodel, chances are, at one point, they have donned baggy jeans. 

  1. Go Double Denim With Baggy Jeans!
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Our favorite celebrities like Emily Ratakkowski have been big on oversized jeans and denim tops or jackets. If double denim is your jam, you can pull up a baggy style from top to bottom and feel like a diva on the roads.

5 Stylist-approved Baggy Jeans To Style Up In 2023!

I was wondering how to style baggy jeans this year. Our expert shoppers have rounded up some celebrity-approved pieces!

JW Anderson Oversized Twisted Baggy Pants

Add a twist to your denim jeans with this oversized piece from JW Anderson!

Balenciaga Oversized High-waisted Wide Leg Jeans

No one does the baggy style better than Balenciaga; let’s clarify that. And this one with a wide-legged silhouette is one that you should wear this season. Pair it with a black top.

Frame Baggy High-waisted Jeans

If you like their jeans high on the waist, this one from the frame will do the trick!

Levi’s Baggy Dad-ripped Jeans

Add a ripped effect to your jeans with these classic Dad jeans that are as comfortable as they look!

Citizens Of Humanity Paloma Baggy Jeans

With a flared style and fabric from the finest cotton, these loose jeans will relax you.

Have you liked these baggy-style jeans? Talk to our secret shoppers for a personalized shopping experience!

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