20 June, 2022

Trend Report: Flip flops for Women are Oozing the Summer Flare!

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If we have to pinpoint one thing that is similar between your loved ones and flop flops, it has to be the loyalty factor. The stronger your bond is with your flip flops, the happier you will be. Don’t get us wrong, all shoes serve their purpose; some keep your glam game up and some shoes make sure your feet are feeling the much needed TLC. However, if you need to run your errands effortlessly or meet your friends painlessly, the best bet for you is to turn to flip flops.

How many times have you seen social media influencers wearing these summer casual slippers for endless comfort? Simply checking your instagram feeds would speak volumes. Influencers like Leonie Hanne and Claire Most have been seen pulling off these puffy babies on their way to resorts and other travel destinations. The reason being is, everyone wants to experience the epitome of comfort when they are having a leisurely stroll or a trip to remember. 

Credits: Instagram (Claire_most)

5 Flip Flops Sandals for Women from Gen-Z

It’s true what they say, you’ve got to put your best foot forward and in this case, wearing flip-flops can be the best option for the summer. In fact, their loyalty can be tested during numerous holiday events as they provide a cushion that takes care of your feet at all times. 

Wondering which flip flops for women are apt to elevate your rubber casual game to a comfortable perfection? Let’s take a look at these five pieces.

Jimmy Choo Diamond Flip Flops

Fresh from the sea, these flip flops are a major mood booster for fashionistas in summers. Take them to the beach and out for a stroll to make your life easier. Apart from its blue color, we love the fact that these babies have a puffy heel, one that will ensure optimal comfort level and TLC for our feet. 

Versace-greca Debossed Flip Flops

Bold and pink is how the gen-z rolls and these flip flops will ensure youthful exuberance while you have a time out on the beach. Besides, these lovely slippers have Versace written all over it which is a major it-factor for all the style queens. 

Gianvito Rossi Tropea 80mm Sandals

Too attached with your flip flops? We’ve got something that will make you feel like a princess on vacation! These Gianvito Rossi sandals are suited for your leisure trips and vacations. We recommend going monochrome with these yellow sandals!

Giaborghini Rosie Leather Sandals

Itching to feel light and breezy while keeping your glam game together? These leather sandals will do just that, and more. They come with an ideal heel size and a color that is fresh and green, just like from the ponds. Let’s slip into these flip flops sandals for an all day comfort!

Prada Logo Plaque Thong Sandals

With every item of Prada, one thing is for certain; they make sure the style is intersecting the comfort in the best way possible. And that is exactly what they have done with these logo paque thong sandals. Let’s put them on and enjoy your summer vacation!

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