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11 April, 2022

Eid Fashion 2022: Perfect Eid Gifts to Buy for your Loved Ones Right Now!

Eid is right around the corner and if you’ve trawled through every e-commerce web page to buy the perfect gift for her and still had no luck, this blog is all about the latest eid gift ideas that can save you a lot of time.

We are so consumed in the hustle and bustle of life that we often forget to cherish the little things that life has to offer. Yes, we’re talking about the joys of life and events such as Eid, Ramadan etc. There is something about the scent of fresh flowers, light from small candles, and wearing new clothes with vibrant colors. Moreover, waking up early in the morning with the anticipation to experience Eid shenanigans. It’s basically the perfect time to connect with your family members and friends while creating beautiful moments.

Why not make your eid memorable by sending a perfect gift to your loved one? Since the term ‘Eid’ refers to ‘Happiness’, you might want to give something long-lasting and meaningful, a present that reminds them of you as they smile. From sandals to purses and wallets, there’s a number of items that can make this Eid a chic one for your beloved friends and family members.

Let’s take a look at a list of items that our dedicated team has rounded up for you!

Loro Piana Walk Leather Sandals

Want to remind them of their confident self? Make them feel comfortable in their own skin with these walk leather sandals. It’s effortlessly practical to slip into them and still look elegant whether you step out for a stroll or have a get-together at your house.

Berluti Leather Wallet

We know this might look a little cliche; buying a wallet is predictable and not a very creative way to cheer up your loved one during eid days but in our defense, its not your ordinary wallet, its made from the finest leather with cursive engravings. Talking about its practical use, having several compartments can be very resourceful.

Fendi FF Leather Buckle Belt

If there’s one thing people like in gifts, it’s something that stays with them for a really long time while offering them daily support. Talking about support, this buckle belt from the house of Fendi keeps your look intact and classy. It features the iconic FF buckle that everyone is fond of.

Saint Laurent Duffel Leather Briefcase

What better way to carry your essentials in style than having to carry this duffel leather bag of Saint Laurent. We love the concept of a briefcase that has been stylishly put into this bag. We are diggin the top handle!

Braided Leather Bracelet

Eid brings joy to people’s faces and everyone is getting something from their loved ones, therefore, giving something that stands out from the rest. Try this braided leather bracelet that will definitely prove to be a meaningful gift to steal a heart.

Burberry Walton Cotton Polo Shirt

Many would opt for buying a shirt for their special someone but not every shirt comes from the house of Burberry. This walton polo shirt speaks for itself as it’s made from the finest cotton. We love the navy color that is definitely going to look very dashing on them!

GUCCI 25H watch

Having a contemporary architecture and gold touch, this Gucci watch makes it to the list of the finest Eid picks that you can gift your loved ones. If someone is into sleek style, this sophisticated piece of machine is the way to go!

Don’t find what you were looking for? Speak to our personal shopper and have the right item sorted for you!

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