Coquette Aesthetic Outfits Are Taking Over TikTok And Pinterest!

Considering the hype surrounding the Coquette Aesthetic, we’re all trying to become Cassie from Euphoria. With nearly a billion views on TikTok and a crazy amount of inspo we see on Pinterest, this viral trend is nothing short of astonishing. Fashion gurus think this trend’s sharp rise in popularity is due to the super hit show ‘Euphoria’ which amassed 16 Million views for season 2. No wonder why the coquette and dollete aesthetics got so much attention.

Credits: Eddy Chen/HBO

Movies & Shows That Are Based On Coquette Aesthetic

Apart from Euphoria, a whole list encapsulates the idea of coquette aesthetics, such as Sugar & Spice, Valley Of Dolls, Ghost World, But I’m a Cheerleader, and the list goes on. So, the chances are that you are already pulling off this trend even if you haven’t watched Euphoria but grew up watching hyper-feminine movies with the Y2K element to them. 

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What is Coquette Aesthetic? 

Sometimes called the dollete aesthetic, this nymphet-styled trend revolves around hyper-feminine clothes such as blouses, knitted pieces, mini-skirts, tank tops, etc. Fashionistas mostly prefer neutrals and soft shades of pink and pastels to achieve the Lolita aesthetic look. Regarding coquette accessories, you will see some pearl-embellished jewelry, bows, and bands. Ultimately, it comes down to the makeup, and the best makeup for this aesthetic style would be nude lipstick complemented by dewy and natural-looking touchups. Fashionistas into this aesthetic have their entire room themed around it so they feel at home. 

Coquette Aesthetic Clothes 

We’ve scavenged the hottest coquette-styled clothes from the top brands to make your hunt easier. Let’s take a look at them:

GG Marmont Small Shoulder Bag

It doesn’t matter what the trends are; the Marmont bag fever will never die down. This one comes in beige and has a mark of Gucci on top in gold hardware. Is this something you’d like to wear in the new year?

Self-Portrait Embellished Cotton Mini Dress

If you’re into the Y2K fashion aesthetic, you would most probably love this cotton mini dress that comes in pink. It has the essence of the Y2K aura and will transport you to the 2000s.

Alexander McQueen Ruffle Trimmed Faille Midi Dress

The versatile dress epitomizes femininity and will stand out wherever you go. It will catch many eyeballs with ruffles all over and trimmed faille style. 

Zimmermann Kaleidoscope Lace Blouse

Having delicate lace to epitomize the season’s most liked coquette aesthetic, this lace blouse is way more than that. It’s crafted with the finest fabric blend that doesn’t irritate your skin and is perfect for vacation days.

Givenchy Moon Cutout Mini Shoulder Bag

Want to add a touch of pink to your outfit? This mini shoulder bag with a crescent shape cutout is the perfect way to do that, and it will go with any outfit.

STAUD Chaya feather-trimmed knit miniskirt

Staud Chaya Feather Trimmed Mini Skirt

Every time you wear this gorgeously pink feather mini skirt, heads will turn, jaws will drop, and everyone will know you have arrived at the party. 

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