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05 January, 2022

11 Pieces from Prada’s Rhinestone Collection for a Sparkly Twist!

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With the new year comes a new you, and Prada holds the smoking gun to celebrate this idea! (or should we say a ‘Sparkling Gun’?)- A collection that. The glitz and glam you’re about to see will stun everyone.

Everyone’s looking to look youthful and shimmering this year; Be it Leonie Hanne or Khloe Kardashian, several social media influencers and celebrities have been spotted donning pieces from Prada’s rhinestone collection, and we can’t be more swooned by their charm and sparkle. Do you want to attain that level of star-studded glam?

Bring it on with the 12 pengers of Prada that our stylists have approved for this year. 

Prada’s Crystal Embellished Slingback Pumps

If one designer can speak the language of sparkles. It’s Prada. Starting with their most exciting pumps garnered massive attention, the slingbacks are best known for popping a severe flash down the floor with rhinestones. For comfort, it has got rubber soles that look neat and classy. You can pair it up with a matching outfit, and voila! It’s a show-stopper!

Prada’s Crystal Embellished Slingback Pumps

Next up is the variant cut from the same cloth but makes a sparkling entry to the area; the pumps have a platform heel. These high heel blocks will give you a massive edge when it comes to grip and comfort; hence, it’s chosen as the chunky choice by our stylists. Let’s get this juicy pump and make an impact!

Prada Satin Crystal Embellished Pumps

Better known as the ‘Mary Jane’ Pumps, don’t confuse it with Spiderman’s MJ here; the style approach of Mary Janes’ was inspired by Buster Brown’s comic strip. This design has been around for quite a long time and has been remodeled by designers to add. Modernity and perfection. However, Prada has combined the correct elements to make a perfect pair with glimmering crystals. Pair it with your fav sparkly dress, and it’s a definite 10!

Prada Re-Nylon Embellished Baker Boy Cap

It’s not an ordinary baker’s boy cap; Prada is known for bringing a twist to almost everything, and here they have outdone themselves with a unique rhinestone embellished baker boy cap. Who would’ve thought it was possible? Besides the signature glimmering crystals used in this collection, Prada has used recycled environment-friendly Nylon. Please take it to a party and make your presence count!

Prada’s Crystal Embellished Sandals

For all the sandal lovers, Prada has the proper treatment for you, and you won’t be disappointed. Coming with a subtlest mule design, its heels are petite and perfect for a nice landing at your next door party

Prada Cleo Shoulder Bag

Admit it. You knew this was coming! Anyone who knows fashion will see these babies’ impact ever since birth. We are losing a count on how many celebrities are seen with this gorgeous design piece. This one that boasts rhinestones is poised, especially for the holiday season and all your festivities!

Prada’s Small Embellished Satin Tote

Need some versatile styling? Prada’s Satin Tote has the answer! Along with the signature label and rhinestones, this piece has a detachable strap so that you can modify your look according to your outfit! Sounds fair?

Prada’s Crystal Embellished Headband

What else has Prada done so effectively? It has the means to accessorize your positive flow with a hassle-free approach. If you’ve got your sparking outfit ready, you don’t need to look out for the matching accessories in the market. This crystal-embellished headband will perfectly blend in with all your sparkling pieces, Prada or not!

Prada’s Embellished Cardholder

Prada had gone one step further when they released this crystal baby! This beautiful pouch has a functional chain and card slots for versatile use. Interesting?

Prada’s Leather Embellished Crystal Embellished iPhone 12 Case

Want to give something fancy to your loved one without going too extra? This iPhone 12 case might do the trick and fit the bill for a perfect festive gift!

Prada’s Embellished Bucket Hat

Is the hat season here? It doesn’t matter. It’s not your average beach wear! Prada’s bucket hat is made to lift your party dress with a layer of sparkle!

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