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21 May, 2021

Yay or Nay? The Summer Footwear Trend You Didn’t See Coming

You might have seen rope sandals pop up on your feeds these past few months and we can’t ignore them any longer! There’s good reason to invest in these right now as influencers and luxury brands love them. Summer footwear trends keep evolving but we really didn’t think the rope sandal, usually a feature in resort collections, would gain so much popularity. Truth be told, they might not be the conventional summer footwear or “Birkenstock-ish” sandals that are everyones go-to for the outdoors. They give a very boho, natural and unconventional vibe which might be working in their favour.

One thing is for sure, they are made for the outdoors. If you’re packing for a summer vacay this year, these will come in handy and will look so on point. We don’t feel they look great under everything, but they work great under summer dresses, shorts, casuals & even swimwear. Add some matching accessories and create a very chic-boho look that will set your Instagram feed on fire! We suggest pairing with raffia bags, big beach hats and oversized sunnies (you can find these ALL on our blogs, btw)


They are available in many versions; so you don’t have to worry about styling. There’s the traditional “rope” rope sandals that work great with neutrals. Isabel Marant has some funky versions with coloured ropes and a vibrant look. Chanel has so many creations, we could buy them all! From platforms, to espadrilles and even coupled with straps; the rope sandal’s luxury makeover is worth investing in! Just a cursory glance over our social feeds told us how popular the Chanel versions are all over.


It’s really a trend that we feel has mixed views. We would love to hear what you think? Are you going to go all in and invest in a pair? If so, there are many versions to choose from, all linked below. Our verdict? We’re planning on getting a pair because why not! Happy shopping!

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