28 July, 2021

What to Wear: Color Blocking

Color blocking has always been a trend that people remain divided about. Why do people shy away from such a fun trend? It’s almost always because of these two reasons: i) they don’t know which colors to pair together; ii) they think color blocking is about bright and vibrant colors only. The former problem can be addressed by looking at the color wheel. You want to pick colors at the opposite ends of the color wheel and pair them together. Mix and match, play around with a few options till you find something you are comfortable carrying around. Voila! For the latter, we must add that pastels and softer hues work wonderully too when putting together a color blocked look. You can choose a neon accessory to break the palette. There are plenty of fun looks our favourite influencers have created and they make for good inspiration. If you just want to be seen in a fabulous and sorted color blocked look without all the homework, then we have the answer to your problem below!

We’ve gone ahead and picked out some vibrant and contrasting shades to create a powerful look. You don’t have to search through thousands of pieces and worry if they would work together. Just go to the end of the blog where all the pieces used in the look are linked. Shop directly from there and step out nailing the trend! The look features a vibrant Roksanda cotton poplin top. We loved the pleated off-shoulder neckline that features fun embroidery giving it a homemade feel. The puffy sleeves are also on point with the big sleeve trend everyone is currently loving.


Keeping the fire alive, we’re going ahead and adding a red hot crepe skirt by Emilia Wickstead with the orange top. The colors create a bold contrast without looking OTT. The skirt has a lovely flare, high waist and a thigh-high slit. It’s not a piece that you’ll be wearing a lot. But it’s a statement piece. One that will always attract attention and not fade into the background. It’s a great investment piece and you can never have enough red pieces, right?


Accessories always have a strong role to play when styling any look but are especially important when building a color blocked look. They can either bring the whole look down or add just the right notes to make it work. We thought carefully and choose the Balenciaga Hourglass shoulder bag in a yellow tone with white Amina’s as our trusty footwear. The yellow is an added contrast and blends well with the other bright pieces. We finished off the styling with some fun bling that you will love! To recreate this look, shop all pieces that are linked below and send us your pictures! Happy shopping!

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