Matching Tod’s Tote Bag with Fall Ankle Boots Is a Dream Come True!

Winter is almost here, and many of you are pursuing the perfect match for bags and shoes. Like most fashionistas, black is our favorite color, and it’s bound to catch eyeballs when incorporated into the look. Hence, we picked these gorgeous pairs of ankle boots to match our favorite tote bags. Having a bag and matching shoes from Tod’s house is like a comfortable dream come true, one we can’t get enough of!

What’s Special About Tod’s Bag And Matching Shoes?

It would be hard to pinpoint one quality about this glorious match, but if there’s one thing that drew our attention towards these babies, it would be the soft leather feel that carries the essence of Tod’s craftsmanship and excellence. There truly is no better feeling than having a soft leather bag carried in your arm or over your shoulder as a crossbody bag. On top of that, slipping into the softest chunky boots from Tod’s feels heavenly, as they come with lightweight material and high-quality leather to meet your footwear needs.

Do you want to find out how they get along?

Watch the whole YouTube video below:

Tod’s logo-embroidered tote bag

Tod’s lace-up leather ankle boots

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